15 Best Free OpenCart Themes for Growing Businesses 2022

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OpenCart News: 15 Best Free OpenCart Themes for Growing Businesses 2022

OpenCart is among the world’s leading open-source eCommerce platforms. It’s easy to use and customize, comes with a ton of features, and offers users a rich selection of themes and add-ons. One of the highlights of OpenCart is its multi-platform design, which provides multilingual and multi-store support. Flexible and scalable, OpenCart works for both small local stores and growing businesses.

Without further ado, here are top 15 the best free OpenCart themes. We showed up to the live demo and download as well for each of the themes very clearly. The following playlist should help you get started and people will like to shop on your site much.

1 – ImplusePro 2

ImplusePro2 theme


ImpulsePro2 is a free Responsive OpenCart Admin Theme built with Bootstrap and QoreEngine. This new version is integrates seamlessly into your existing installation thanks to QoreEngine.


– Most 3rd Admin extensions should work by default
– Works well in IE9+, Firefox, Chrome, Safari, Opera
– Works with OpenCart v3.0.x.x, v2.x.x. Just download the correct version for your OpenCart website.

2 – Lace

Lace theme


This Lace OpenCart theme is simple and responsive, easy to use and especially affordable. This theme is designed for you with a neat, clean organization in black and white lace surrounding.

3 – Simplica

Simplica theme


Simplica is simple and clean free theme for OpenCart version 3.x / and It’s perfect & corporate layout for any kind of web shop.

4 – So Ladaz

So Ladaz


So Ladaz is an awesome Free OpenCart Theme specially designed for eCommerce sites such as electronics, mobile, home accessories, computers and match any online store.
The other side, It is not only easy in configuration, but also simple in interacting to customer more than ever. It has no limited in color, you completely select any favorite color as a special skin for your website, simple, luxury that will benefit your customers to gain a pleasant and easy experience.

5 – Black

Black Theme


This theme shows OpenCart’s true darkside. It is based on the ‘default’ theme, but main colors: black, blue, some gray and a lot of darkness
(For OC1.4: It features a nice product image preview using the Fancybox jQuery library and a different product page layout – the extra product images being placed right under the main image)

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