Awesome Angular JS features you must Know

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Prestashop News: Awesome Angular JS features you must Know

AngularJS is the commonly used JavaScript Framework for Web Applications Development which has become a favourite developer. This has occurred because AngularJS has offered developers enormous flexibility to create web applications that are interactive, user-friendly and platform-independent. The entire development process can be finished without any hurdles in less time and with easy-going mode. Within moment and budget, the entire application is created and implemented.


Let's look at the summary of the characteristics AngularJS offers, which helps us know why AngularJS is the best choice for web application development.


1 - MVC framework :


AngularJS offers a fluid architecture for Model View Control that is also very dynamic in nature.


As we realize, the combination of distinct modules together builds up any request. These modules operate with various logics. The initialization of these is different from each other. But still, some logic connects these modules to each other. The designers have to construct all the parts individually and then combine them with some code and apply logic to solve them in a single implementation. This is an overhead for developers when using an MVC Framework, of course.


2 - User Interface with HTML :


AngularJS builds the user interface using the HTML (Hyper Text Markup Language). The HTML language is a declarative language that utilizes tags that are very brief and easy to comprehend. It provides a better user interface that is easy and structured. It is more complex to reorganize and create JavaScript interfaces. Special characteristics are given for HTML. Use these characteristics to easily identify the controller for each component.


3 - POJO model :


Plain Old JavaScript Objects are functionally very self-sufficient. The previous information models are used to monitor the information flow continuously. A POJO data model provides items and logics that are spontaneous and very well designed. AngularJS Developers simply need to generate object loops and array with the necessary characteristics and play around for the necessary outcomes. It provides us with the spontaneous and clear code that helps to use AngularJS in extremely user-friendly and interactive web-based applications.




4 - Less code to write :


Developing AngularJS needs much less coding as there is no need to write the MVC's distinct code. HTML is used to create a user interface. HTML is very easy and has tags and characteristics for components that are very brief and easy. The information binding in the perspective decreased the job of manually shifting the information. The app code and the directives have their own distinct code, so two distinct teams can write these two concurrently.


5 - Filters :


Simply filter the information before it hits the perspective, filters operate. It conducts paginations and also filters a parameter information set. The features are altered according to the optimal parameters, but this is achieved only with the assignment of data transformation. It operates to put the information in the correct format before it is actually put in the perspective. For instance, to place a decimal point in a number or to reverse the number / serial order in the required range.


6 - Unit testing :


Previously the testing was done by constructing a test page and then invoking it to check the component's conduct. The test portion has become simpler with the use of AngularJS. Dependence injection is used by the Application to tie the entire application together. It helps to work very easily and handle the scope and control. All controllers depend on the injection of dependency to transfer the information, here the injection of dependency is used to insert the mock or we can say testing information inside the controller to find out the conduct and what output is produced.


7 - DOM manipulation :


The view changes and manipulates the DOM to update the conduct and the information. But the DOM manipulation is the job of the directives, not the perspective, with the use of AngularJS creation. The DOM manipulations are carried out that made the perspective more focused on the developers and the customers. The MVC works on the perspective solely and the information flows over it. No need to worry about the manipulation of the DOM.


Conclusion :


Using AngularJS, which is user-friendly, initiative and extremely interactive, you can build cross-browser complaint web application. Without any additional job head, this can be performed with ease. AngularJS Development Services is the best choice to construct all of the 2019 generic web applications.


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