Latest mobile app marketing trends for 2020

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WordPress News: Latest mobile app marketing trends for 2020

The proliferation of smartphones has made the competition in the app industry tougher. Thousands of new apps are getting added to the stores each day.

It has become easier to convert WordPress website to android app but retaining customers is tough. Therefore, it is important that you keep updating your marketing techniques.

Today, we are sharing some industry tips and techniques that will remain in trend this year. Implement these tips and strategies to achieve higher traffic and more downloads. Let’s begin… 

Top app marketing trends and techniques 

Good content, eye-catching graphics, compelling CTA (Call to Action) buttonsengaging videos and the right implementation strategy play a significant role in the success of a marketing campaign.

You can couple the elements above with any marketing technique listed below, and ensure absolute success. It includes:

#1- Traditional Advertising

The conventional methods of advertisement can never go out of fashion. If you have enough resources, you can optimize the budget and place ads on different platforms.

You can also use various tools from Google and place your ads online. Narrow down your target audience and endorse your app according to the goals. 

#2- Social Media Marketing 

Social media has emerged as the best marketing platform and is being harnessed by all businesses, big and small. A brands presence on social media has become almost mandatory.

People are highly active on all platforms and you can reach them directly. Therefore, you must use various channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc., to promote your app. 

#3- Affiliate Marketing 


Affiliate marketing for mobile apps is still in its early stages and isgaining widespread popularity. It has become highly popular amongst businesses willing to promote their app.

You can also look for a suitable affiliate partner and set up a marketing campaign. It can give you a huge exposure and attract a good strength of traffic for your app. 

#4- Influencer Marketing 

Influencer marketing industry is quite new but has turned as popular as celebrity marketing. In fact, it is way more comprehensive, affordable and result oriented than many other techniques.

If you want to be a part of the pop-culture and attract the young audience, you can go for the same. Find a popular influencer to suit your brand identity and use their talent and fan-base to promote your app. 

#5- Generational Marketing 

The concept of generational marketing has been existent since years. However, in recent times, it has turned more apt and valuable for mobile app promotion.

It is important that you classify your audience based on their age and preferences. Curate special campaigns to suit the same and endorse your app in the right way. 

Build a premium app and market it! 

This was our brief guide to assist you in your app marketing ventures. Couple your business abilities with these techniques and make your mark in the mCommerce universe.

However, if you still don’t have an app for your online business, then sign up for AppMySite and create one all by yourself. Endorse the app on various platforms and succeed!

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