How mobile apps can help nonprofit organizations?

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WordPress News: How mobile apps can help nonprofit organizations?

Research has repeatedly shown us that more and more people are willing to contribute to making the world and their society a better place. The value of only the hours contributed to the nonprofit sector by volunteers was around $187.4 billion in 2016.

A technological breakthrough in the world of mobile app builders has made it very easy for many brands, businesses including nonprofits to convert their WordPress website into native iOS and Android mobile apps.

Today even nonprofit organizations are leveraging mobile applications to solve their burning problems and grow themselves. Let us discuss some of the many benefits of apps for nonprofits.

#1 - Raise awareness

There was a time when organizations used to spread awareness by distributing flyers, going door to door, and by public gatherings.

But with technological advancements, nonprofits have found a much more efficient channel of spreading information and educating their audience to raise awareness towards their cause. This is the channel of mobile apps.

With mobile apps, organizations can easily communicate with their audience at a click of the button. Their message now reaches a much wider audience in real-time.

A report suggests that about 25% of volunteers use smartphones to find nonprofit organizations for contribution.

#2 - Improved engagment with volunteers

Volunteers form a big part (if not the biggest) of any nonprofit organization. Volunteers give the organization the strength to execute their ideas and turn their vision into reality.

Therefore, it becomes very important that an organization is very well connected with their volunteers. This too has been made very easy by mobile apps.

With apps, organizations and volunteers have an open channel of communication that is active throughout. Be it important announcements, directions, suggestions, or even the regular meetings, everything can be handled efficiently with a mobile app.

This also helps nonprofits to retain and bring in more volunteers that contribute to their strength.

#3 - Motivate donors

With mobile apps, nonprofits get to directly engage with both their volunteers and donors. This opens up an opportunity for them to motivate greater and more frequent donations.

You can also integrate a ready payment gateway on the app that gives them an efficient way to make contributions to your cause.

Concluding thoughts

We’ve seen the top benefits of a mobile application for any nonprofit organization. And these are just a few of them. Build a native mobile application with AppMySite mobile app builder without coding for iOS and Android and scale your nonprofit organization like never before.

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