Top Magento 2 Checkout Issues and Fixes

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WordPress News: Top Magento 2 Checkout Issues and Fixes

For every eCommerce shop, the checkout is the most important phase in the purchase process. Most abandonment happens here, mostly as a result of difficulties with checkout.

According to Baymard Institute data, various checkout troubles with Magento 2 businesses are to blame for about 74% of abandoned carts. If your store is a tiny local business, this will hurt you deeply. Below, we listed the main Magento checkout errors and the properly solutions.

Top Magento 2 Checkout Issues and Solutions

Magento 2 checkout keep loading

Here is what caused it and how to solve it if you encounter the issue when you click checkout and experience an absurd length of spinning time.

When an improper token is used, this Magento 2 checkout loading issue occurs. The POST order specifically produced a truck with an administrator token. Visitor vehicles are used by unidentified clients, hence an improper GET call was made in this case.


Use the POST order to create a visitor token in order to understand the problem.

Slow Magento 2 Checkout Process

Because Magento does offer a performance testing toolkit, it is extremely easy to determine what is slowing down the Magento 2 checkout process. Your task is to create a shop with test data and fixtures.

Top Magento 2 Store Checkout Issues and Fixes


Simplify The Checkout Process: One-step checkout is preferable for optimal conversion power and page speed. Additionally, we urge you to do your own research and choose an extension that is a perfect fit for your company.

Maintain Low Static Content: On all of the site’s pages, the Magento 2 Checkout page has the most JS material. Therefore, you should pay attention to the static material and limit it to a minimum while installing Advanced JavaScript Bundling + Content Delivery Network. Also noticed are the advice made by Google’s developers for choosing photos to load more quickly.

Disable Unnecessary Network Code: Additionally, enabling JS bundling results in the creation of a large file (5–10Mb) containing Javascript code, which slows down page load times.
So, the smart thing to do here is to turn it off.

Remove unused active shipping methods and unused active countries: By heading to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Shipping Methods and selecting only the options your business offers, you may eliminate the wait time for fetching API data of other shipping methods.
Likewise, disable the countries you don’t ship to under Stores > Configuration > General > General > Country Options. Your checkout page will load quicker as a result.

Enable Caching: Caching helps to stabilize page load times while also accelerating server response times. As a result, you should activate the functionality by going to System > Cache Management.

Payment not processing

Payment method failure is another frequent problem clients have throughout the Magento 2 checkout process. Additionally, 6% of carts are abandoned because the requested payment options are not available. Like in most situations, the proper integration is necessary in order to add a payment method to the Magento checkout. Additionally, Magento 2 stores frequently have processing problems. Let’s examine the PayPal processing problem, for instance.

Top Magento 2 Store Checkout Issues and Fixes


When entering credit card information, the transaction cannot be completed and results in a blank page or an error message. There could be a problem with inconsistent PayPal integration in this situation. Verify the settings in Magento and PayPal; they should be consistent and should not conflict. To do this go to Stores > Configuration > Sales > Payment Methods> PayPal in Magento admin, and Service Settings > Set Up > Security Options in PayPal Manager.

Both PayPal and Magento admin should reject the AVS and CSC responses.

In conclusion, it’s critical to consider being informed when these difficulties occur now that you have figured out how to resolve your Magento 2 checkout troubles. Because waiting for complaints from customers is a failing approach that will cost you the sale and the customer for good. Use adaptable and appropriate checkout Magento extensions to expedite the purchase process and enhance customer experience at your Magento 2 checkout.

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