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WordPress News: Best wordpress portfolio themes



1. Portfolio WordPress Theme

Portfolio WordPress Theme description:

Portfolio makes it simple to show off your work to your clients, customers, and fans. Quickly create a new portfolio item and include images, videos, and text. Then, use the portfolio page interface to drag, drop, and organize your projects. You can even create multiple portfolio pages to showcase different types of work.

Portfolio WordPress Theme


2.Patters WordPress Theme

As always, we listened closely to our community and analyzed the most requested features. Even with our 5 years of newspaper design and development experience, it took our developer 2 months to perfect all (and there’s definitely a long list) the features of this theme. We’ll go into details further below, but rest assured you won’t find another theme that compares to the all new Patterns theme for WordPress.

Patters WordPress Theme


3.Vertex Wordpress Template

Vertex Wordpress Template Description:

Vertex is a stunning theme built for service providers that want to showcase their equally stunning products. The climb down from the Vertex is long, but as you descend you are met with beautifully animated content that is built for scrolling. The homepages gives you a chance to engage your visitors and tell your story through galleries, sliders, testimonials and team member bios. At both the vertex and the summit, you are met with a clear call to action that is built for conversions. Vertex sweats the small stuff, and each element has been designed with meticulous detail.

Vertex Wordpress Template


4.Gleam WordPress Theme

Gleam WordPress Theme Description:

Gleam was built to dazzle. With its flashy effects and smooth ajax loading techniques, this theme creates a truly unique experience that is sure to grab your visitor's attention. Allowing for custom full BG photos for each page, Gleam makes it easy to create a custom stunning appearance for each section of your website. The theme also comes with a full-screen portfolio section, giving you a new way to display your work.

Gleam WordPress Theme


5.Proxy wordpress portfolio theme

Proxy wordpress portfolio theme description:

Proxy is a single page portfolio theme for creative teams. It is based on simple, pixel perfect flat design, that is retina-display ready, ensuring that your content shows sharp and beautiful on devices with high resolution screens.

Proxy comes with a simple yet powerful theme options panel that will have your site set up and running within minutes. The homepage is completely widgetized. You can enable, disable, or edit each individual block, as well as changing it’s order. Everything takes place within the widgets area.

Also, you can add as many content blocks as you wish, by creating them as static pages and assigning them to a “Content Section” widget. Sounds fun? It is.

Although Proxy is a single page theme, your visitors can have a wider experience since posts and portfolio items open in full browser modal windows (yes, each one has a url of it’s own!).

Proxy wordpress portfolio theme

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