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WordPress News: WordPress SugarCRM Customer Portal Pro

It’s time to offer your WordPress customers the benefit of SugarCRM and WordPress integration by offering a dedicated SugarCRM Customer Portal that they can access from their WP interface. This is what your WordPress customers would be looking for. Better and automated systems making their business function smoother and faster.


Being a proud user of SugarCRM you can now manage your WordPress customers better by integrating SugarCRM and WordPress platforms and connecting your WP users with your SugarCRM system.

This “SugarCRM Customers Portal Pro” plugin will help your customers to use several SugarCRM modules in their WP interface, which you can define from your admin front. This plugin can integrate Accounts, Contacts, Leads, Opportunities, Calls, Meetings, Notes, Cases, Documents, Tasks of SugarCRM modules to your WP customer interface for their use.

It will simplify and reduce your task of communicating with your WP customers through any other means. Your customers would be able to update all the above modules on their own.

Core Features
  • You can decide access of which module should be provided to all WP customer from Sugar side.
  • Your customers can use this plugin through username and password.
  • You can set which fields your WP customers can view and use through Edit and Details layout of Contacts.
  • To avoid duplicate data entry the email Id, username and passwords are mandatory and emails and passwords have to be unique.
  • You can create role and assign it to a specific user.
  • You can create user or can use existing user also.
  • You need to configure the assigned user in WP configuration.
  • Based on the roles the assigned modules to that specific role will be displayed in WordPress portal.
User's Gain
  • You can manage your WordPress customers better by offering the access to specific customers thus retaining data confidentiality.
  • You can reduce the effort and time in getting connected with your customers for any module related update as they can themselves update the data, which you can view in SugarCRM instantly.
  • More useful features for your customers will promote customer loyalty

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