Top 20 best Wordpress templates for blogs

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WordPress News: Top 20 best Wordpress templates for blogs

Wordpress is open and free source tool. CMS which impregnated by blogosphere spirit. when in 2003 the product released could assume nobody that it will lead to multimillion army of fans. But since then left 14 years and Wordpress is in the lead among other CMS

As a result of administrative decisions of the CEO. Wordpress got loyal community that works for the sake of development of their favourite platform. Developers form, create templates, enhance an engine own superstructures. Bloggers also form the design teams oriented on templates which help to create new trends. As practice shows, If you want to make something better make it easily accessible for the public.

In Wordpress exists thousands of templates, but today we want to present the top 20 best Wordpress templates for blogs.We made a sample of the most trend and search-friendly templates of the main development directions of a world blogging.

1. Zillah

It is really elegant theme. It’s combine simplest and beauty. If You ever wanted to have really clean and elegant blog- that's your choice. Zillah is a free minimal blogging WordPress theme for success people whose controls those life. Is responsive and compatible with a wide range of plugins like : Nivo Slider, Siteorigin Page Builder, WooCoomerce, Photo Gallery Grid and Contact Form 7.

Zillah - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

2. Hoffman

It is theme for bloggers who thinks that style above all. This theme takes a very simply and elegant approach blog with their stripped-down compelling visuals of blocks. Beautifully minimal, responsive and retina-ready theme for bloggers. It features a social icon menu, Jetpack support for infinite scroll, five custom widgets, two page templates, editor styling, translation-ready code, custom accent color support, custom background support, support for the gallery post format and much more. Included translations: Swedish/svenska

Hoffman - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

3. Serene

Serene is a nice theme for blogs with active post format support. Spacious design of this theme adjust on visual tranquility and relaxation. Browsing the theme is easy on the eyes. This theme inspired to create something new and receive for it comments.

Serene - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

4. Time Responsive personal blog wordpress theme

It's all-around charmed Theme which charm influences any information enclosed. its cocktail of large media style pieces and logical influences ensures that her aesthetic remains eternally relevant. it have little and SEO oriented code. This theme good passed for bloggers with the aspirations to grow up in the big media portal.

Time - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

5. So simple

This template suits the light and gentle people. In Simple theme there are no rigid contrast elements. each detail in it is simple and refined. If you oriented on the twitter followers you have to choose this theme because it perfect platform for simple news.

simple - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

6. Clippy Personal Blog Theme

This theme was designed with simplicity in mind, so setting it up should be a pretty straight & forward process for everybody.

Clippy - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

7. Himmelen

If you have a lot of content Himmelen can help you to arrange as it is possible more correctly. Nice and Clean. Best of all it realizes the potential with big arrays of information. It is free and easy-to-install theme with a large supply of features.

Himmelen - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

8. My note

This theme will turn yours the website into a stylish and presentable notebook - the ideal place for your ideas, thoughts and experience. The unique color scheme in combination with the first-class functionality not only will please an eye, but also will turn your page into the first-class business website.

My note - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

9. Writr Theme

is a flexible stylish, content-oriented tumblelog subject for those who want to add a little modernist style on the web site. Writr Theme, as well as any multifunction themes, at first sight seems more difficult than it is actually.

Writr - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

10. Divi

A special feature of this theme is the ability to build site blocks with drag-and-drop, increased protection against hacking, and a large number of layout options.

Divi - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

11. Bronx

This responsive template will allow you to edit it without knowing the code, use a slider. Installation and configuration of the theme takes place in one click.

Bronx - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info


This modern and elegant template will allow you to use a large number of layouts for different purposes. This template supports large extensions for retina displays.

INFRA - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

13. Nouveau

This template has a huge number of combinations of user settings. With this template, you can easily create a website in the desired color scheme, without knowing the code.

Nouveau - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

14. Flex Mag

A huge number of templates posts, articles, options, more than 800 fonts. Like many templates, you do not need to know the code.

Flex Mag - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

15. The Look

This use of responsive template allows you to change the color gamut, use quick search without reloading the page and also use this template as a store.

 The Look - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

16. Alizee

Several layouts, social integration, readiness for translation and parallax header are the main features of this template.

 Alizee - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

17. WP Generic

Using animations, the ability to edit the sections in real time, support for all browsers, the ability to change the logo without using the code and much more in this template.

 WP Generic - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

18. Ribbon Lite

Fast work speed, friendly for SEO and much more. Watch the Demo.

 Ribbon Lite - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

19. Activello

A minimalistic and easy template with all the necessary functions. See the link for more information:

 Activello - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

20. BlogMaster

Very wide scope of application. Support for uploading your photos and videos. See the demo for details.

 BlogMaster - Wordpress Blog Template

Demo | More info

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Nice listings of themes.
I would like to share you one theme related to blogging, which is Bloggers Lite WordPress themes. This theme is designed for personal bloggers. It has excellent features such as import demo content, social media support, translation ready amazing portfolio design etc.

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