The Power of Wordpress

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WordPress News: The Power of Wordpress

Wordpress - the most SEO-friendly engine for creating websites.

WordPress for several years now ranked among the top positions in the ranking of the most used engines for creating sites in the world. Certainly, such an incredible success should have some background, and it really is. In addition to obvious advantages, such as simplicity and intuitive operation of the system, WordPress is best suited for online promotion. If before that you suddenly wondered whether CMS influences website promotion, then the answer is obvious - of course, it affects. To create a site on the Wordpress is to provide excellent prospects for SEO-promotion and further monetization of the web resource.

The distinctive features of Wordpress as a SEO-friendly site management system

The term "SEO-friendly CMS" arose relatively recently and means how much the content management system is able not only to help in optimizing the pages, but to ensure the efficiency of optimization as such.

The characteristic features of SEO-friendly CMS include:

Possibility of manual / automatic filling of meta tags.

Ability to use level headers H1, H2, H3, etc.

Absence of duplicate pages.

Using URLs.

The optimal speed of loading pages.

Clean source html-code.

All of these criteria WordPress corresponds to the full.

Advantages of sites on the WordPress in terms of SEO

The sites on the WordPress management system have practically no problems with SEO promotion. Why? Easy configuration, a huge selection of plug-ins, ease of information input, the ability to optimize the speed of loading pages - is not it an excellent basis for promoting the site to the top of the search results! The engine, in addition, offers special SEO-modules, quite primitive, but at the same time cope with their tasks with a bang.

Basic functionality Wordpress already promotes "friendship" with search engines, and the installation of additional plug-ins allows only to strengthen friendly relations and prepare the site for the conquest of the TOP search engine issue.

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