More than 30% of all sites in the world now run on Wordpress

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WordPress News: More than 30% of all sites in the world now run on Wordpress

In 2018, almost a third of all sites in the world are running WordPress. It was found out by experts of laboratory W3Techs.

According to their data, the share of this system has grown by 5% for two and a half years.

The closest competitor of this platform is Joomla, which employs just over 3% of websites. It should be noted that 50.2% of sites do not use any of the company's content management systems.

The W3Techs service of the Austrian consulting firm Q-Success analyzes 10 million sites from the Amazon Alexa rating. This rating is updated daily and its indicators show that WordPress is 60% of the CMS market. For Joomla this indicator is about 6%.

It is noted that during the analysis, subdomains of the site are counted as one site, and redirected domains are excluded.

"This is good news for the developer community that creates plug-ins and themes for open-source CMS, as well as for web hosts that offer WordPress packages and designers who offer customers sites and stores based on WordPress," the study said. .

It is noted that WordPress is a content management system for an open source site that is written in PHP. Scope - from blogs to fairly complex news resources and online stores. The built-in "themes" and "plug-ins" system allows you to design projects of varying complexity.

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