What makes MEAN stack popular among Startups

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WordPress News: What makes MEAN stack popular among Startups

Every organisation is keeping up with the constantly growing IT workspace in today's digitally intensive web development globe. And in order to stay familiar with the ever-evolving technology, developers are developing developer-friendly alternatives for programmers ' advantage. And one such solution that is created with technology amalgamation is called' Web Stack.'


The MEAN stack is regarded the finest framework of the several internet stacks available, making perfect use of combined techniques. Compared to its rivals, MEAN appears to win the competition in terms of' popularity,' putting together an unparalleled tonic catering to the software development needs of known companies as well as start-ups today!


Meaning of MEAN stack :


MEAN stack is a variety of techniques – MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and Node.js, combined with a single, vibrant programming language – JavaScript to create a solid internet application. MEAN is a complete JavaScript stack from client to server to database.


Speed :


Node.js ' event-driven architecture in MEAN Stack enables many simultaneous applications with less slowdown, making it quicker than its rivals.


In its experiment, PayPal disclosed that an application constructed with Node.js as a platform took half the time with 50 percent quicker response time and 33 percent fewer lines of code to build than the Java app.


Node.js runs procedures like I / O to network links, file system, and database very quickly based on asynchronous programming. Built on the JavaScript engine compiled by Google V8, the JavaScript code is compiled and executed very quickly into native machine code. In addition, building web applications that rotate across the language makes the development method quick, smooth, and less complicated.


Isomorphic Code :


According to the annual study of Stack Overflow, JavaScript is the most widely used programming language used by 62.5% of participants.


MEAN stack enables isomorphic coding–moving the code written in one particular frame to another makes MEAN Stack stress-free, which is the main reason for its popularity. It becomes simple to comprehend the information flow through the parts from the client to the server as a common language for both the client side and the server side. This is beneficial in a startup as it is possible to use the coding resource efficiently.


Scalability :


The scaling capacity is something that drives many developers to choose MEAN Stack technology. With MEAN Stack, the scale of all frontend, backend, and database layers becomes simple.


MongoDB's characteristics such as auto-sharding, replication, and high-availability make scale simple without worrying about failover. The main loophole with MongoDB, however, is that most alternatives do not comply as heavily with ACID (Atomic, Consistency, Isolation, Durability).


Security :


According to a study conducted by Juniper Research, it is found that cyber attacks are the greatest threat to internet companies that will result in annual economic losses of $2.1 trillion by 2019 due to information breaches. Therefore, while selecting the internet stack, maintaining the web application safe should be the primary parameter.


MEAN Stack is a safe and stable platform when it comes to safety. MongoDB, a non-relational database is not susceptible to SQL injection as the stored information are JSON objects, manipulated by SQL strings, opening the way to solid database security. It becomes versatile to use in a multitude of apps as a NoSQL and document database. It therefore becomes streamlined, thereby minimizing join utilization.


Architecture :


According to a research, about 36.9 percent of software engineers are now using AngularJS to produce user interfaces, and the following Google Trend can also perceive its popularity.


Built with an architecture of the Model-View-Controller, AngularJS contributes to two-way information binding, promoting fast and parallel growth. It implies that the same changes can also be seen in View as the data in Model changes, thus eliminating the need for additional code to provide continuous synchronization of View and Model.


Conclusion :


Over the years, MEAN stack has risen among complete stack developers as a common option. The alternatives provided to startups by MEAN stack are considered propitious due to its capacity to interact with Javascript and the ease and flexibility it offers, resulting in a secure sustainable solution for startups.


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Jeevan Kumar is a technology enthusiast and strong believer in agile product development. He is a Senior Content Strategist of Fortunesoft IT Innovations - MEAN Stack development company Singapore.

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