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Joomla Template: Pretium
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Art & Photography Blogs Business Music

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Demo Installer, Multiple Colors, Responsive

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joomla template joomla theme theme joomla template joomla

Since latest YJSG version our developers have asked them self how flexible can a YJSG based template really be. We have colors and layouts control on click of a button so it should not be that hard to give you a Joomla template with unlimited options. So they got locked down our dungeon and they came out with Pretium.

On a first look it seems like another flat design based template. But once you start playing with our demo switcher magic reveals itself in front of your eyes. Seems like we did it!

We gave you a Joomla template that not only looks beautiful but also comes with, 10 predefined template styles, unlimited color options, 60 background patterns, 10 background images, background slider, full or boxed width switch, dark/light color sniffer that switches your text color based on background brightness. To show you the flexibility of these awesome new options, Pretium demo comes with 4 homepages ( Home, Home 2, Home 3, Home 4) that look like 4 different Joomla templates.

While we were at it , we could not leave Joomla K2 layout to be anything else but spectacular. We included custom Masonry layout for K2 categories that will pull you out of the standard layouts box and give your visitors something to talk about.

For more info about how to set this up please visit Pretium extended instructions. Pretium demo also comes with custom layouts and styles for YouDeveloper News Slider, YouBricks Module Engine, YJ Module Engine and our new club extension YJ Google Map.

Since YJSG template framework comes with responsive layout, you don't have to worry about the way your website looks on mobile devices.

All the words above cannot replace the real user experience so don't listen to us , test the demo and have fun with the most flexible Joomla template.

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