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Joomla Template: Planate
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Business Design

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Settings/Parameters, Responsive

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joomla template joomla theme theme joomla template joomla

Planate is a beautiful template based around the Flat design trend and powered by Bootstrap and CSS3 for the maximum wow factor. Responsive in nature, Planate scales perfectly for all devices and screen sizes. Enhanced with Multiple Layouts for Joomla Content and K2, your content has never looked nicer!

  • Bootstrapped Framework

A responsive grid, full of component, JavaScript, and typography styles for a sleek and intuitive web experience.

  • CSS 3 Enabled

The latest and greatest standard in design, CSS3 delivers the best in animation and visual effects at incredible speeds.

  • XTC Framework

Built with the XTC framework, our templates provide dozens of parameters for extensive customization with virtually no coding needed.

  • Mobile Layouts

Deliver optimal content to mobile devices with device-dependant template layouts complete with their own menus, modules and visual styling.

  • Joomla! Quickstart

Install a full Joomla! website containing demo content, styles and preconfigured extensions ready to get you going in minutes.

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