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Every film fan knows that winter holiday time is also the prime time for movie theaters. So it is only natural that our December template concept is about movies. 

Movidom Joomla template features very unique layout and style and it's demo is loaded with your favorite movie trailers that are featured trough following Joomla extensions:

  • K2
  • YJ Pop Login
  • YJ Live Search
  • Yj Latest Tweets
  • Multimedia Box
  • Yj Module Engine
  • YouYork Module Slider
  • new Joomla Extension YJ Media Slider. 

Moviedom template comes with 4 predefined template styles but with custom template options you can change the style, background color, background image or background pattern within seconds so we can easily say that this Joomla template has unlimited styles options. Moviedom template also features responsive web layout which makes it look great on all desktop or mobile devices browsers.

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