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Joomla Template: Oasis
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Fluid Width, Settings/Parameters, Multiple Colors, Responsive

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Oasis is the ultimate flat style template! It comes loaded with many color options for changing the module row colors, titles, buttons and more. There are nine custom color options in total, plus the default Background controls of Vertex; all which give you the ultimate style control! Some other features include: a full width S5 Image and Content Fader, an opaque and overlapping header, enable or disable uppercase letters, new info slide styles, and much much more! 


This month we have also very heavily customized the S5 Tab Show to work along with the S5 Image and Content Fader. When the two of them are published on the same page in the designated areas the S5 Tab Show will fade in and overlap the S5 Image and Content Fader to give your site a very unique look and feel. Be sure to check out the demo to see it all in action!

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