SJ AppStore HiTech - A special template for Ecommerce stores

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Joomla Template: SJ AppStore HiTech - A special template for Ecommerce stores
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SJ AppStore HiTech is the special template for ecommerce stores. This is using Virtuemart component, Responsive Web Design, CSS and many new technical for Joomla.

SJ AppStore HiTech is an separate template of SmartAddons.

Having derived from SJ AppStore Base for making a special e-commerce template.

Let take the tour of SJ AppStore Base here to feel more!

1. Fully compatible with IE8+, Firefox 2+, Flock 0.7+, Netscape, Safari, Opera 9.5, Chrome
2. Support RTL / LTR language
3. Allow to set site title, logo and slogan
4. Support Laptop/ Tablet/ Mobile
5. Support Cpanel for changing Site Styles, Fonts, Direction and Reset instantly
6. Support various Site Styles
7. Support base Font Family as well as Google Font
8. Support Mega Menu with MiniCart
9. Allow to set JavaScript for Menus: Lavalamp effects, start/end level and Keep on top
10. Allow to show OR hide Main Content block with options for images
11. Support extensions: SJ Accordion Menu, Yt Mega Menu module, SJ MiniCart Pro
12. Support Module Variations, style for each module
13. Use Lazy Load for handling large images
14. W3C XHTML 1.0 Transitional Valid; Optimize CSS/JS/HTML/Merge File
15. 100% tableless design, based on CSS3
16. Support Typography; Support PSD file

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