JSN ImageShow - Joomla Photo Gallery Extension

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Joomla Extension: JSN ImageShow - Joomla Photo Gallery Extension

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.0 Type: component Extension Topic: Galleries

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JSN ImageShow is the first Joomla! flash image slideshow that displays your images lively and truthfully. It can be placed on every website, in whatever size and filled with whatever content.

JSN ImageShow now provides you with 6 amazing themes: Theme Classic, Theme Slider, Theme Grid, Theme Carousel, Theme Strip and Theme Flow. More themes will be released in the future.

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  • Unlimited content

You can show most image formats in any order you want. The main image formats that JSN ImageShow supports are JPG, PNG and GIF

  • Image animation

JSN ImageShow has powerful animation mechanism combining image motion and zooming. In addition to that, you get amazing 3D image transition effects.

  • Background Image

Want to set some background to slideshow area while images are loading? No problem, use one of numerous predefined images or your own creation.

  • Multiple image source

You will not have to re-setup your images over and over. You just connect JSN ImageShow to your current image source like Flick or Picasa and start showing images.

  • Overlay Image

JSN ImageShow can present any image you specify as an overlay above slideshow images. You can configure its position and opacity. Perfect for watermarks.

  • Caption

You can add caption for your slideshow. Everything is in your hand: caption text font, color, alignment, background color, opacity, positions.

  • Resizable

JSN ImageShow fits into your existing site design. You have total control over slideshow width and height, specified in pixels or percentage.

  • Multiple presentation

You can show your flash gallery by all means available in Joomla! components, modules and plugins. Also, you can show multiple galleries on single page and there will never be conflicts.

  • XHTML valid

As you know default flash output XHTML code is not W3C compliant. JSN ImageShow uses special javascript library to generate clean valid code, even when showing multiple modules.

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I can't say enough about how much I love your templates! I am using your templates as my first try at a Joomla website building and I'm finding much success! Your documentation on the website design and layout is easy to learn and understand! Your template is easy to configure for a first time website builder. And JSN ImageShow is fantastic! Super easy to use and configure! What a pleasure it is to find a template team with such an easy product.

Thanks again
Carolyn Weir



What a pleasure implementing such a well designed, flexible and attractive template (in conjunction with JSN Imageshow). The template is easy to configure, and very flexible with many configuration options. Documentation is strong and accurate.

In conjunction with the JSN Imageshow, it is a potent combination and was ideal for our photography portal to make the best of our landscape images.

Well worth the small investment.

Snowdonia isone of the UK's most popular National Parks, based in North Wales.

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