JoomlaShine is a team of full – time professionals including passionate web developers, talented designers, and active supporters, and we chose the quality of products, which can be clearly seen in their design, functionality and usability, the first priority. To achieve this goal, we strongly promote continuous learning and training. Each member of our team solely focuses in tasks related to his area of responsibility, which makes him be like “rock star” in the team with a solid knowledge base.

JSN ImageShow is one of the first Joomla gallery plugins that displays your image slideshow in a lively and truthful way. It can be pla

JSN UniForm - Joomla Form Component
JSN UniForm is simply the easiest-to-use form extension you ever used. "Contact us", "Survey" and "Job Application" are just some of hu

JSN PowerAdmin - Joomla Admin Navigation Extension
JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website

JSN ImageShow - Joomla Photo Gallery Extension
JSN ImageShow is the first Joomla! flash image slideshow that displays your images lively and truthfully. It can be placed on every web

JSN Corsa

We're happy to give you JSN Corsa with the combination of bright colors and exotic typography to emphasize clarity and usability. JSN Corsa will be the most powerful JoomlaShine

JSN Glass

Let's build your gorgeous virtual store with the radiant colors and knockout features of JSN Glass! Besides lean design, slender edge and flat scheme, it is also eager to WOW mo


JSN Venture is a high quality and multipurpose Joomla! template, especially made for event websites with extended style for Ohanah - an complete events solution. With the respon

JSN Yoyo

JSN Yoyo – Our first one-page template - has just been released, finally. With a simple and flawless design, it will make your portfolio stand out. With all content fitting

JSN Metro

JSN Metro is the latest innovation in the Metro legacy. It will take users to new levels with awesome features and a whole range of experimental design elements. It is equipped

JSN Ares

JSN Ares is the perfect template for personal portfolio & application website. It is easy-to-customize with multiples styles to mix and match. With the extended styles for K2 pa

JSN Pixel - Responsive template & EasyBlog support

JSN Pixel is the clean and moderm Joomla template with the built - in responsive feature. It comes with the eyes catching design for the most popular blogging component Easyblog

JSN Air - Responsive Business Portfolio Template

JSN Air is a professional business portfolio template which has stunning design that brings a beautiful display in wide range of devices and browsers with its responsive layout.

JSN Nuru - Responsive Joomla E-commerce Template & MijoShop support

JSN Nuru is a premium Joomla! template exclusively crafted for MijoShop - a powerful shopping-cart component. Therefore, it is aimed to serve any kind of online shopping website

JSN Sky - Responsive Hotel Theme & Jomres support

JSN Sky will take a significant part in replenishing your Joomla! template collection because it has an exclusive style for Jomres - a powerful booking component. The front end

JSN Epic - Responsive Joomla Business Template

This elegant business template is not only beautiful but also very functional. The vast array of customizations is excellent, giving you more control on the look and feel of the

User reviews
JSN Yoyo
This template has a crazy promotion, but it not lo
JSN Nuru - Responsive Joomla E-commerce Template & MijoShop support
Looks very elegant! Wonderful work!
JSN Epic - Responsive Joomla Business Template
nice business template, very amazing themes.
JSN Sky - Responsive Hotel Theme & Jomres support
Theme looks very cool. But Joomres is very hard in
JSN Pixel - Responsive template & EasyBlog support
Hi Colin, thanks for your compliment :). JSN Pixel