JSN PowerAdmin - Joomla Admin Navigation Extension

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Joomla Extension: JSN PowerAdmin - Joomla Admin Navigation Extension

CMS: Joomla Version: 3.0 Type: component Extension Topic: Admin Navigation

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JSN PowerAdmin makes your Joomla administration process easy and enjoyable. It allows you to have full control over your Joomla website in a single screen. You can manipulate elements by using an intuitive GUI with drag-n-drop operations.JSN PowerAdmin supports 10 languages: English, German, Dutch, French, Russian, Spanish, Portuguese (Portugal), Portuguese (Brazil), Polish and Japanese and ready for Joomla 3.0


Very often that we hear reports from joomla administrator about how it's difficult it is to do simple things in Joomla such as change module positions, hide an article's title or relocate menu items. So, we decided to take a good look at how people use Joomla and defined 3 major problems to be fixed.

Problem 1

Very often, new users see something on their website and want to edit it in joomla backend, but they have no clue where to find it in the administration part.


JSN PowerAdmin provides spotlight search, giving results as you type. When you find the desired item, just click it to open the edit page.

Problem 2

Basically, every Joomla page consists of menus, components, and modules, tightly connected together. But in administration all these elements are located in separate places and the connection between them is hardly visible.


JSN PowerAdmin provides a simple joomla control panel which allows you to manage all elements. In one screen users can select a menu item to see the component's contents and all modules assigned to them. The user can then easily perform operations on menu items such as, editing details, reordering by drag-n-drop, etc. Also, Joomla manager can perform operations on modules such as editing details, changing position with the visual selector, etc.

Problem 3

Joomla has very powerful article presentation capabilities with tons of configuration parameters. There are too many parameters so that people often get lost and don't know what parameter controls what aspect of article presentation.


JSN PowerAdmin is the great Joomla admin tool which provides visual configuration of article presentation. You can move the mouse over all elements on the page and configure them with a single click. The software will automatically adjust all necessary parameters for you. This is a truly convenient way to configure article presentation, especially for new users.

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JSN PowerAdmin was built with one single goal in mind: to make Joomla easy and joyful to use. This is not a commercial product; you can download it right now for free and without registration. What we want to do is to contribute to a wonderful Joomla CMS and express of our vision about the Joomla administration interface.

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A very useful extension

"I was a beginner to use joomla, and I have absolutely don't know about Joomla, this is my first experience, and I was greatly helped by JSN PowerAdmin, in addition to easy to use, one thing that makes me excited, JSN PowerAdmin is free. thank you very much from the heart to JSN team"


Mimikebaya - 5 star

A +++++

"I've been using this extension for a while now and I love it! Everything is so much easier to accomplish, and I love the new style in Joomla 3.0"

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Theseedsowner - 5 star

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