B2J Aquarius Product Zoom LITE

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Joomla Extension: B2J Aquarius Product Zoom LITE

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B2J Gallery Zoom for Virtuemart is an extremely customizable Joomla zoom plugin made according to the principles of minimalism. Based on the 960 grid system, it is easily suited to all Joomla! templates.


Functionalities included:

+ Slider for Virtuemart additional images

+ Customizable zoom container position

+ Customizable slider position for additional images

+ Customizable zoom percentage

+ Customizable border parameters: border color, border radius, border size for thumbnails, main and zoom containers 


Core features:

B2J Gallery Zoom for VM is based on the B2J K2 Image Slider module, thus it inherits all the core functionalities that our Joomla! image slider module has. When clicking on any thumbnail of our slider, it appears as the main image of the gallery. When you hover over the main image with your mouse, it smoothly zooms in.

Another amazing feature of B2J Gallery Zoom for Virtuemart is its customizable zoom percentage which can be defined in the function parameters from backend.



This gallery zoom plugin is initially made for the Virtuemart Product Detail page.


The lightweight effect:

According to page optimization "rules", at first sight B2J Gallery Zoom for Virtuemart plugin may seem a heavy tool because of its complexity. However, all the images are loaded only when needed after preload, and you will find a clean code. This results in the lightweight effect which you will feel right upon using this amazingly customizable plugin.

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