B2J Aquarius Layer Slider
B2J Aquarius Layer Slider is fully configurable and responsive Joomla slideshow module that allows you to show K2 and Folder images on

B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO
The fully responsive B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO module takes the power of the LITE version, with some attractive additions. The u

B2J Aquarius Product Zoom PRO
B2J jQuery based Joomla zoom plugin for Virtuemart and redSHOP gives Joomla! users an ability to magnify an image to have a more detail

B2J Image Slider
B2J Image Slider is a fully configurable, flexible Joomla image gallery module for better performance of image display.  Image Slider

B2J FAQ is a nice and simple Joomla FAQ module for Frequently Asked Questions. This module has an appealing style, enhanced efficiency,

B2J Alfheim Image Gallery LITE
With the help of this new Joomla photo gallery module the images get handled in an easy and appealing way. The user has a tight contro

B2J Aquarius Product Zoom LITE
B2J Gallery Zoom for Virtuemart is an extremely customizable Joomla zoom plugin made according to the principles of minimalism. Based o

B2J Social Sharer
B2J Social Sharer Plugin is a Joomla social plugin that displays Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and e-mail share butto

B2J Image Showcase
Bang2Joom K2 Image Showcase is the sixth from B2J Joomla extensions. It is fully configurable Joomla! 2.5+ module.    This Joom

B2J Calendar
B2J Calendar for K2 is an extremely popular and powerful K2 item/event calendar. It supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. It is super responsive

B2J News Loader
This amazing Joomla news module retrieves items from K2 showing their images, categories, titles, introtexts/fulltexts, comment bubble

B2J News Slider
The B2J News Slider for K2 is a fully responsive Joomla News Slider which opens wide range of opportunities for users. Supporting the

B2J Contact
B2J Contact is one of the most popular Joomla extensions of Bang2Joom. Fully-responsive Joomla! 3 ready component coming with many u

B2J Wooden Wall

B2J Wooden Wall is a free Joomla template built around the Virtuemart component for Joomla. It is operating on the Bang2Joom Urartu Framework. B2J Wooden Wall contains the fo

B2J Alfheim

B2J Alfheim is a Joomla blog template designed for blogs and portfolios. It is operating on B2J Urartu Framework.  This clear and easy-to-use Joomla template is designed acc

B2J Aquarius

The B2J Aquarius, operating on the Bang2Joom Urartu Framework is a fully responsive, professional Joomla shop template built around redSHOP and K2 components for Joomla! B2J

B2J Albumen

B2J Albumen, operating on the powerful T3 Framework, is a fully responsive Joomla photography template built around the K2 component. This neat Joomla template contains the f

B2J Food Mood

B2J Food Mood template is a Joomla restaurant template designed for restaurants, hotels and hospitality web sites. B2J Food Mood is built on T3 Framework. Being elegant, m

B2J Bali

B2J Bali is an awesome Joomla hotel template with asstonishing design! Being compatible with Joomla 2.5/3 and built on the powerful T3 Framework, this theme is a cool mix of

B2J Manook

B2J Manook is an all-in-one Joomla charity template to showcase news, video ">This minimalistic, yet functional theme is a perfect solution for websites for charities and non-pr

B2J Academy

B2J Academy is an awesome Joomla education template, which has replenished B2J Collection of Joomla templates recently. This brand new theme is powered by T3 framework and is bu

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