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Joomla Extension: B2J Calendar

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B2J Calendar for K2 is an extremely popular and powerful K2 item/event calendar. It supports Joomla 2.5 and 3.0. It is super responsive. B2J Calendar for K2 is custom-rich. It is the most powerful Joomla Calendar module and stands out among all of the calendar modules in Joomla! Below are noted the most important settings.

[Basic Settings]

Here you can set module class suffix, module width, border size for the whole module, date/font size and Calendar mode. As mentioned, it shows the K2 items/events with two modes:

1. Blog style calendar mode

2. AJAX style calendar mode

[Blog style calendar mode]

This mode has the following options:

- Select K2 category

- Select starting week day

- Show only active days

- Show future days

- Show item/event count

On date click, it opens the default K2 date view, showing the K2 item/event of that very day.

[AJAX style Calendar]

This mode has the following functions:

- Select one or more K2 categories

- Select starting weekday

- Maximum number of items/events per day

- Show only active days

- Show future days

- Show item/event count

When On AJAX style calendar mode, if you click on the date, it shows the K2 items/events of that particular day inside the calendar block without refreshing the page. It also shows the date, title and introtext of K2 item/event. You may enable/disable the date, title, introtext, you may change their positions, set your desired limit for title and introtext, and also change the date & time format from "Item Parts Priorities" section from the module back-end.

The next important section in the module back-end is the color settings. There are two predefined color presets: Default and Albumen. You are also able to create your custom preset in this section. When Custom mode is chosen, it has got advanced coloring fields for you to custom as per your needs!

The power of Bang2Joom K2 Calendar hides within its simplicity. It is one of the most powerfull Joomla modules.

If you have encountered any problems with the module, you may submit a ticket or ask your questions on our forum.
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