Magento 2 Product Price Formula

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Magento Extension: Magento 2 Product Price Formula

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Have you ever come to a situation when the product price needs a custom mathematical formula based on the product options selected or on the quantity ordered? Create your custom math formula using our Product Price Formula module for Magento® 2.


  • Ability to create complex logical conditions like: if () {} elseif () {} elseif () etc.

  • Ability to create multiple rules and formulas in the same product

  • Full flexible control over the final price via a chain of conditions

  • Conditional branching

  • Ability to use product options within conditions and price formulas

  • Ability to use product attributes within conditions and price formulas

  • Ability to use configurable options. Full support of configurable products

  • Ability to use quantity in conditions and formulas, allows creating custom tier pricing

  • Ability to use math functions like sin(), cos(), sqrt(), pow(), etc.

  • Ability to create different formulas for different customer groups

  • Ability to limit formulas in time by setting the date range. You
    can create limited time offers.

  • Ability to apply formula either to the item price or the row total in cart

  • Ability to calculate product's shipping weight based on your custom formula

  • Ability to disallow purchasing the product based on your custom validation criteria (formula or combination of custom options)
  • Ability to copy formulas from one product to multiple ones NEW
  • Ability to export, import, backup formulas via a file NEW
  • Formula applied on category pages NEWsearch results NEWproduct viewshopping cartcheckoutwishlist, and in other places.

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