Itoris Inc. is an ecommerce solution provider from Canada. The company has started its operations in 2007 and has so far been focusing on the development of Magento 1.x and Magento 2.x extensions. Itoris provides e-commerce plugins extensions, templates and other applications for Magento 1, Magento 2 and Joomla platforms and offers full-service customization services.

The company’s headquarters are located in Dundas, Ontario. Its offshore software development center is situated in Minsk, Belarus. The international team of Itoris Inc. is giving its absolute best to make sure that the developed products would make our customers happier and more productive.

When it comes to building a new extension, we adhere to the highest quality standards in every stage of the software development cycle. Our current product portfolio consists of 60 Magento 1 extensions, 19 Magento 2 extensions and 11 Joomla extensions.

In order to ensure its continuous technological development and prosperous business growth, Itoris is always open for new partners to join our existing network partnership and affiliate network.

Magento 2 Infinite Scroll Extension
Load more products on catalog pages automatically or enable the customizable Load More button using the Infinite Scroll extension for M

Magento 2 Improved Layered Navigation Extension
The Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 will allow your customers to filter products by multiple attributes, colour swatches a

Magento 2 Price Match Extension
Enable the price match request forms on product pages, lower prices to match the competitors or offer a one-time coupon using the Pric

Magento 2 Quick View Extension
The Quick View extension for Magento 2 allows previewing product details from category pages without opening the product page itself.

Magento 2 Daily Deals Extension
Convert products with special prices and catalog price rules into daily deals or weekly specials with a countdown and notify customers

Magento 2 Price Alerts Extension
Send customers automatic price alerts by email once the product price is decreased. Customize the email template, track price changes,

Magento 2 Reassign Order
Have you ever faced a situation when customer contacts you about using a wrong email address while placing an order? Or customer has se

Magento 2 CMS Display Rules
Want to add special offers to wholesalers or show more ads for retailers? Want to make CMS pages or static blocks visible for selected

Magento 2 Form Builder
Advanced and powerful SmartFormer Gold will extend the default Magento 2 functionality and take your custom forms to a new level. Build

Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification
Send your customers and guest an automated notification once your out-of-stock products are back in stock. Customize emails and manage

Magento 2 Store Login Access
Have a private or wholesale store? Want only registered customers browse your catalog, see prices, and place orders? Hide the entire st

Magento 2 Registration Form
Want to add more fields on the registration form and extend the customer profile? It is easy with the Registration Fields Manager for M

Magento 2 Multiple Wishlists
Good shopping needs good planning. It is a great idea to create separate wishlists for future Christmas shopping, for dad's birthday, k

Magento 2 Mass Product Actions
Enable additional mass product actions in Magento® 2 and save time updating your products. The Product Mass Actions extension is for

Magento 2 Grouped Promotions
Improve sales with the Grouped Product Promotions extension for Magento 2. Create fixed promo sets as A + B + C = $X and apply various

Magento 2 Automatic Related Products
Add up to 15% to your business bottom line and align customers' demands with your interests using the Auto Related/Upsells/Cross-sells

Magento 2 Questions And Answers
Lack of product information turning your customers away? Let your customers ask additional questions about your products and share thei

Magento 2 Product Tabs
Edit your custom product tabs the way you need it! Add new tabs or edit existing ones globally or per product using WYSIWYG. Insert wid

Magento 2 Email Templates
The Email Templates Manager offers a new approach of editing email templates in Magento® 2. You no longer need to create tons of tran

Magento 2 Custom Product Options
The Magento 2 custom options extension allows users to take an advantage of some extra features including custom options, templates, co

Magento 2 Product Attachments
Product Attachments is a powerful and secure extension to attach manuals, video tutorials, images and other documents to products in Ma

Magento 2 Product Price Formula
Have you ever come to a situation when the product price needs a custom mathematical formula based on the product options selected or o

Magento 2 Grouped Product Options
Enable custom options on grouped products in Magento® 2. Allow grouping configurable and bundle products. Create product check lists.

Magento 2 Special Price Countdown
Display and customize the special price countdown timer on product and category pages using the Special Price Countdown extension for

Magento 2 Review Reminder
Send review reminders automatically and encourage customers to leave their feedback after the order is completed using the Magento 2 Re

Magento 2 Ajax Login Registration Popup
Now your customers can log in or register from any page on your website in a special DIV popup when you have the AJAX Login and Registr

Magento 2 Advanced Product Grid
The Advanced Product Grid extension will allow you editing product attributes directly in the list of products. You will also be able t

Magento 2 Pending Registration
The Pending Registration extension allows you to validate new customers manually. You can approve or decline customer's registration. U

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