Magento 2 Form Builder

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Magento Extension: Magento 2 Form Builder

CMS: Magento Version: 1.3 Type: extension Extension Topic: Admin Navigation Unique tags: magento 2 forms magento 2 custom form magento 2 extention magento 2 plugin magento 2 add-on.

Advanced and powerful SmartFormer Gold will extend the default Magento 2 functionality and take your custom forms to a new level. Build custom forms of any complexity within minutes. Collect and store customer data in the Database, create email templates, edit validation rules, manage submissions, export data to CSV/PDF, use extra advanced editors, and more.


  • Convenient drag'n'drop content editor;
  • Ability to create multipage forms;
  • Ability to edit attributes, styles, events per element;
  • Filter forms on admin grid;
  • Ability to create copy or backup of forms on admin grid;
  • Conditional branching. Make one element dependent on another;
  • Ability to collect data in the database and manage it in backend;
  • Validation rules' manager;
  • Ability to add new or edit email templates for each form;
  • Ability to send separate emails to admin or customers or 3rd-parties;
  • Avoid spamming using 3 types of Captcha;
  • Ability to apply visual color selector and image selector per element;
  • Various sets of snippets. Ability to build a form literally in minutes;
  • Ability to manage submitted results by admin and customers;
  • Ability to export/import forms via file;
  • Ability to export submitted results via CSV or PDF;
  • Publish forms via the direct link, CMS widget, or XML layout;
  • Plenty of editors for advanced use: built-in PHP Editor, HTML Editor, JavaScript Editor, CSS Editor;
  • Elements: Input Box, Password, Check Box, Radio Button, File Upload, Button Type, Button Type, Reset Button, Submit Button, Text Area, Select Box, List Box, Static Text, Link, DIV Element, Image, Drawing Canvas/Digital Signature, Captcha Image;
  • Responsive forms for tablets and mobile devices.

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