Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification

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Knowing the customer’s demand is vital to a store’s revenue. The store owner must be aware of the products which are in stock or not as well as what products customers wish to buy. Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension allows store owners to do so.

The extension allows customers to subscribe to the products which are out of stock and notify them when the products are available again. The store owner can keep track of the subscriptions and analyze it to increase the availability of the products and enhance user experience.

Benefits of using Meetanshi’s Magento 2 Out of Stock Notification extension:

  • Allow store visitors, guests and customers to subscribe to products which are out of stock.
  • Individually track subscribers of each product for stock notifications.
  • Includes option to allow subscription for notifications based on customer groups.
  • Allows customers to edit, update and delete subscriptions from their “My Account” section.
  • Enable single time notification to send alerts to Customers.
  • The extension supports out of stock notification for all default Magento 2 product types.
  • Allows the Store Owner to export the List of Subscribers for Out of Stock Products.

You can check how to configure the extension at

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