TerraClassifieds ver. 2.1 Alpha with monetizing options

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Joomla News: TerraClassifieds ver. 2.1 Alpha with monetizing options

TerraClassifieds users have been waiting for the possibility to implement charging options in the plugin.

The first option of earning money with the classifieds plugin is charging for categories with payment methods like PayPal, and offline payments.

We want to give our clients the possibility to test new options and report any issues noticed. Terra Classifieds 2.1 alpha is released for testing only.

The most important new features are:

✔️ Monetizing options

✔️ Offline Payments

✔️ PayPal

✔️ Renewing paid ads

This is TCF 2.1 alpha version, do NOT test it on your production website. Make a backup of your website and test it on the copied installation.  

Feel free to contact us and share your testing results. If you find any bugs or inconsequences do not hesitate to let us know. 

Learn more here: TerraClassifieds with monetizing options ready for testing - WordPress classifieds plugin 


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