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PE Recent Posts
The simple $this->_build_link_list("http://demo.pixelemu.com/pe-beauty-center/pe-recent-posts-views/", "free WordPress plugin") created

PE Maldives

  strtoupper("Maldives") is a modern and elegant WordPress theme, very suitable to a creative angency or portfolio website. This $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu

PE Business

PE Business is an intuitive, smart $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/wordpress-themes/i/3-business/237-business", "business WordPress theme"), suited for different

PE Public Institutions

$this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/wordpress-themes/i/236-public-institutions", "PE Public Institutions WordPress theme") is designed with public institutions in

PE Magnetic

strtoupper("PE Magnetic") is powerful, receptive and responsive $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/wordpress-themes/i/234-magnetic", "multipurpose business Word

PE Internet

Simple$this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/5-services/14-internet", " business WordPress theme") with clean features, perfect for any business company we

PE School

PE School - $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/41-education/11-pe-school", "WordPress education theme") is a beautifully designed , responsive WordPress

PE Hotel

  PE Hotel is the best $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/10-hotel/9-pe-hotel", "WordPress Hotel Theme"). It offers ready solution for hotels, motels, g

PE Beauty Center

PE Beauty Salon is a high quality $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/40-fashion-beauty/7-pe-beauty-center", "beauty salon free WordPress theme") with a

PE Services

PE Services $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/5-services/8-pe-services", "multipurpose business WordPress theme") is here! It's excellent for any busin

PE Cleaning Company

It's multipurpose clean and modern $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/themes/i/5-pe-cleaning-company", "WordPress theme for small companies") to present its servi

PE Cooking Blog

Fresh, powerful Wordpress theme created for a best cooking blog for personal use or team. If you are looking for an excellent Wordpress theme with front-end and back-end subm

Update your theme for WordPress 4.6 version. Check why its worth to do it! Published
  WordPress 4.6 was released yesterday, on the 17th of August 2016. New version brings many changes, new features and fixed bugs. Do ...

Slider plugins are compatibile with WordPress 4.6! Published
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Create successful hotel site! Published
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8 ‪‎Wordpress‬ Tutorials‬ You Need to Read! Published
We have a set of useful WordPress tutorial articles that everyone should read.   You can visit our tutorials section and find them...

PE Beauty Center WordPress theme is FREE! Download now! Published
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Learn how to translate WordPress theme Published
strtoupper("WordPress") is translated to many languages and provides translation mechanism for WP themes and plugins. We have prepared a ...

Stop looking for accessibility-ready wordpress theme. Check PE Services theme! Published
        Our PE Services $this->_build_link_list("https://www.pixelemu.com/blog/wordpress-themes/discover-the-best-accessible-wordpress-t...

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How to follow WCAG recommendations in WordPress theme. Published
Our customers often send us questions about WordPress themes that follow WCAG (Section508) standards. It happens because they are in need...

PE Cleaning Company theme is WPML ready! Published
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Find out the key features of beauty salon Wordpress theme Published
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We have update free wordpress sliders plugins. They are ready to download Published
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PE Easy Slider & PE Recent Posts free plugins for Wordpress Published
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Watch the video presentation about PE Cooking Blog Wordpress theme! Published
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PE Cooking Blog
I think the same. Good theme for a blog.
PE Cooking Blog
Very good theme, use it for my personal blog.
PE Beauty Center
Like it!
PE Beauty Center
Great theme! Good work guys - waiting for more the
PE Cleaning Company
Very clean and modern design, good job!