create online store: joomla + virtueMart

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Joomla News: create online store: joomla + virtueMart

If you want to create online store and do not spend money, the best variant is Joomla and VirtueMart component. Joomla is one of the popular and simple Content Management System (CMS), with PHP and JavaScript. VirtueMart is multifunctional tool for e-commerce with huge number of free and paid add-ons and improvements. In principle, VirtueMart can be implemented based on the complexity of any project, including the creation an online store.


Create online store: Joomla + VirtueMart

Any online store has things without which, it can not lead a normal work. Of course, not all of them must be present, but still, you can not create online store without:

  • Shopping cart
  • Search by product
  • The ability to create sub-categories
  • Image of products
  • Short and full description
  • Selecting several types of products (multiple volumes, colors, etc.)
  • Choice of delivery (home or self)
  • Payment by e-currency

create online store: Joomla + VirtueMart


All the above mentioned functions can be organized in the online store on Joomla using the component VirtueMart. Besides this functionality, there are a lot of supplements in the form of modules that extend the capabilities of your online store on Joomla + VirtueMart, namely

  • Search by product
  • Best selling products
  • Products selected randomly
  • List of growers
  • Recent additions to the online store
  • Products with special offer
  • Shopping cart
  • Skroler of products

This list is not complete, but you can see that the functional of your online store on Joomla and VirtueMart can expanded with modules. It's mean, that you can add modules in your online store, which use Joomla and VirtueMart. And now a little more details about the modules for VirtueMart component.

Skroler of products. With this module you can organize on your VirtueMart online store scrolling goods, you can specify speed scrolling (scroll), quantity, category selection.

Products with special offer. Products with special offer is a kind of lure for the buyer. You can make collection of goods at a discount of 10-15% and put them on the main page of your online store. And what a buyer does not like discount.

Shopping cart. Shopping cart shows information on products that people buy in your online store on VirtueMart (count, name, price, total purchase amount). It is very convenient. We think that the shopping cart should be leading the buyer.

Recent additions to the online store. Recent additions to the online store is a great module, allows you to view the last page products that have been added to the online store.

Best selling products. Best selling products displays bestsellers of your online store on Joomla and VirtueMart.

Products selected randomly. Products selected randomly displays items randomly, it can also increase sales of your products.

Search by product. Search by product allows you to search products in the your online store. If people already know what they want, they just find items by searching and buying it. Simple and at the same time saves the customer time.

List of growers. If you knows the grower, but does not know exactly the name, then you simply chooses the grower, and in the list of goods finds what you needs.

Joomla + VirtueMart is an excellent solution for your online store. If you want to create online store choose VirtueMart + Joomla and your online store will be successful. Joomla has many advantages for creating online store, with help of Joomla you can: create pages and new sections of the site is possible without the help of experts; work on the site through a standard browser; add content on the site content without programming knowledge; Easy and convenient control of site structure, partitions, directories, galleries; view usage statistics pages on the site; create a site map for search engines and user convenience, and much more. Joomla + Virtuemart - the best tool for e-commercе is a great idea for create online store.

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