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Joomla News: Joomla templates for one page website

We are all faced with a one page website, many of them are quite impressive look. Such websites are an example of modern web, where all you need to say, can be placed in a one document.

One page website built in one window and doesn't include links to other pages. The principle of this website is based on the scroll, not to press and not transition. Although the press hasn't been canceled: it will scroll lead you to the spot on the page with relevant content. This relatively simple and interesting way of presenting the information more clear and easy to understand. Using a one page website gives you at least simplicity and resource integrity. This website produces only one impression. The website doesn't require page refreshes when navigating, because content on the page. It has a higher density of the main content for search engines. The one page website visitor examines more closely, looking through all the sections, making it a kind of "in the same breath."

How to know that you need a one page website?

If your site hasn't an extensive content, as is often the case with a small website, you can easily put all the information on one page. These sites are particularly well show themselves as a promo page of any service, product or event, as well as support platform for the promotion of other resources.

So you've decided that you need a one page website. What's next?

The hardest part in creating the site is the first to present at least about how it should be. Design requires the involvement of the professional designers to develop the concept, training options, etc. All of this usually turns into a staggering money.

An excellent solution of this problem is to use of ready-made templates. The advantage of using design template is to save time and get clear view of the future website. It's used by webmasters who create websites quite often, also by newcomers, whose knowledge of programming close to zero. But in any case it's very convenient.

The most popular Open Source CMS in the wold is Joomla! Therefore I'll talk about Joomla templates.

Some variants of a one page website templates can result in excessively large documents with infinite scrolling. However, if you buy the Joomla template at company, which specialize on the production of quality products, you'll get the expected result, and your fantasies come true. Below I have provided some examples of one page website Joomla templates from top manufacturers. Good luck to you choice, my friends!

Sixbros - One Page Joomla Template

SixBros, a minimalistic one page Joomla template designed to blend simplicity with powerful presentation tools. SixBros is an ideal template for creative agencies, professional portfolio showcases, in addition to businesses and corporations desiring a premium and stylish image without much of a cluttered content and navigation complexity.

Sixbros - Joomla one page template

BizOne - One Page Joomla Template

BizOne is new Joomla one page template for photographers, artists and other art guys. This Joomla template is perfect choice for creation portfolio websites, personal websites and small business websites. Create your awesome portfolio website easy and simple.

BizOne - One Page Joomla Template

Creativity - One Page Joomla Template

Creativity - one page theme perfect to promote your photography portfolio / creative agency or your personal blog. Sublime design makes for a superb Joomla template, that can also be used by photographers, design agencies or self-employed creators to show-off their projects.

Creativity - One Page Joomla Template

Momentum - One Page Joomla Template

Momentum is an easy to use minimalistic one page template for creative freelancers and agencies. It comes with the essentials you need to show your work / portfolio and sell your services to the world. Momentum uses a smart responsive grid so your website visitors can view your website on any device.

Momentum - One Page Joomla Template

Barossa - One Page Joomla Template

Barossa is a responsive and one / multi pages portfolio Joomla template. An effortlessly elegant and down-to-earth design that exudes an air of clarity and style. Barossa has been designed with versatility at its core; equally appealing as an agency or wedding agency or wedding template.

Barossa - One Page Joomla Template

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