VirtueMart for Joomla 3.0

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Joomla News: VirtueMart for Joomla 3.0

We all are allready asking for it, when will the development of virtuemart start for joomla 3.0?

If you have Joomla, which is currently 3.0. We can't do anything without a version of Virtuemart.

You could searched everywhere - well at least everywhere - and at least we haven't yet found an answer.
So, when will VirtueMart support Joomla 3.0?


If you have this question you could already say that virtuemart always one step behind with development?
Virtuemart is really potential software, but it always leaping one leg.

Joomla 3.0 released in sept 2012, and virtuemart developers starting to think about Joomla 3.0 in March 2013 like we can see in virtuemart roadmap... seems that it's terrible late with this.

Virtuemart is component for Joomla, so maybe it is wise to follow Joomla's idea? Right now VirtueMart want to realease J!3 support same time as Joomla 3.5.. This is really late..

Joomla! 3.5 is solid product, but realeasing VirtueMart first support for J!3... this is problem, and i solve this in way what isnt good for virtuemart.. i just use another software and other people doing same thing. so use of virtuemart will be less..

Joomla have long support and short support. in short support time actually Joomla team testing and developing new major version of Joomla.. and i do the same, so Virtuemart.. if i cant test and learn VirtueMart new version during in Joomla! short time support cycle then i will not use VirtueMart software.

so VirtueMart software will always late, if your product timing for first release is same as Joomla's long term support release (Joomla! 3.5)

i have hope that in some day it can change.. 

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Nice Article, yes unfortunately it's a real true

12 July 12:04


Might be true if you are looking at this from outside, but with some insights into the amount of work required to come up with a solid J3.x compatible VM2 version, aiming at Joomla 3.5 (which is a 'Long Term Support' version) is a wise decision. VM2 is a huge and very complicated extension, which has to fulfill very different requirements in different countries around the world and is being used for serious business, not for entertainment. Therefore major changes take much longer than i.e. adapting a simple Joomla image gallery, etc.

In simple words, after the experience with Joomla 1.6.x and 1.7.x, the VM team decided that it's a waste of time to adapt VM2 to Joomla 'Short Term Support' releases.

BTW - Shop owners and 3rd party extension developers definitely don't want to have to migrate their work every couple of weeks or months...

02 August 08:34


Yes in some moment I completely agree with G.S. but in fact Guys from Virtuemart can lose his position in JED market, there a lot of Joomla shopping cart are ready for Joomla 3.1.x

05 August 08:04

Bill Blass

Yeah, no.

27 November 06:16

Dave Down

This sucks I have to find a new shopping cart for 4 different clients. After looking at the choices I think I will help HikaSHop take the market.

06 May 09:15

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