Top 51 Best Free and Premium Joomla VirtueMart Templates 2018

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Joomla News: Top 51 Best Free and Premium Joomla VirtueMart Templates 2018

1. GavickPro StoreBox - Joomla Template

Joomla Template GavickPro StoreBox virtuemart

StoreBox is a stylish, trendy and responsive Joomla template designed to create e-commerce sites. Starting to develop a new online store, beginners may experience some difficulties. But using this topic, you will avoid many mistakes. StoreBox is a unique template, ideal for creating an online shop. Full-featured and widely used, it is great for new internet businesses and power users.

GavickPro StoreBox - Joomla Template, "store" in the title hints at its direct purpose. This is confirmed by the friendly homepage, which clearly demonstrates the “sharpened” site for the sale of any goods.

This Joomla template is extremely minimalistic: strong lines, restrained colors and the lack of exotic fonts. And this is not a minus at all, rather the opposite. Such rigor in design is perfect for any serious online store, without distracting the customer's attention from the products presented on the site.

Three options are available for color schemes, and in fact, they change little. The most spectacular on the gray-white canvas site looks contrasting orange color. The colored recycle bin icon, highlighting the active section of the site and some pop-up interactive shortcuts, looks most impressive in orange. Blue and purple in this plan lose. In addition, the selected gamma slightly changes the background image of the site.

In general, the template StoreBox turned out truly solid. Particularly pleased with the main page, a huge slider which goes down to the menu sections. But competent graphic processing of the slide itself does not spoil the impression, all sections of the menu are clearly visible and do not merge with the picture. Interactivity and functionality of the template is also at the height. Virtually all clickable images and links hover highlighted in a special way.

A good online shop needs a solid basis for further work, so support for popular e-commerce extensions for Joomla is a must.

2. JoomlArt Megastore - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlArt Megastore virtuemart

JA Megastore template is one of the most effective e-commerce templates. The decisions made during the development of this template will help to effectively present your products. The design has many elements and beautiful appearance. It will provide a comfortable work with the site and increase traffic. Your website will have everything you need to succeed on the Internet.

Shop clothes and accessories to it will look perfect on the basis of this template. The maximum efficiency of maintaining the store site is achieved not only by a suitable design, but also by the necessary functionality. JoomlArt Megastore will also increase traffic by successfully adapting to mobile devices and tablets. One of the main tasks in the development was to achieve a solid appearance in order to emphasize all the advantages of the company. And the built-in functions and technologies are focused on the simple work of the user with the site and on attracting additional visitors from search engines.

Built-in online shop will provide direct sales of your products directly from the site. Onlineshop is divided into sections and individual pages for each product. On individual pages, you can get acquainted with the appearance and characteristics of the product. There is an evaluation system, also directly from the product page you can ask about him an interesting question. The main page of the site is designed for the effective presentation of your products and has a large number of elements for this. The top of the main page has a logo, a search system and displays a shopping cart. Below them is a drop-down menu with smooth animation. SEO is also built into the Joomla template. A convenient content management system will allow you to easily and quickly make the necessary changes. On the contact page there is a feedback form, the address of the store or office, numbers and other necessary contact information. The upper part also has a registration form, choice of language and choice of currency, which will be displayed in the cost of goods.

JoomlArt templates have high quality not only design, but also functionality. This combination gives you an effective tool for successful business on the Internet!

3. Shape5 Store Pro - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Shape5 Store Pro virtuemart

The times when we had to hire programmers to develop the site were long gone. Today, it is not necessary for everyone to open a quality resource on the network, while knowing the programming languages is not necessary. You can have a website no worse than a large company with an annual budget of millions of dollars. All that is required for this is the S5 Store Pro template and quite a bit of time to install it.

It was specially designed for people who want to start a commercial online business. Shape5 Store Pro is ideal for the implementation of any type of goods, it can be: fashion clothes, all kinds of electronics, furniture, etc.

The Joomla template includes many settings for editing the appearance of the site. You can easily recreate the corporate colors of your company, set your own logo, change the font and much more. The main page offers a variety of positions for the placement of modules. Among them may be: a slide show, merry-go-round with goods, popular materials, advertising banners, a subscription to the latest news, a countdown counter. In addition, each object has excellent animation. Among other things, there are two types of menus, one of which is statically linked to the top of the site and a button with a drop-down list of directories. All this simplifies navigation and makes the interface intuitive. The visitor will be able to independently choose the language of the site, leave feedback to any record, and also send a personal message to the administrator via the feedback form. The ability to upload items for sale is not the only thing that the Store Pro template can do, it also offers to blog with the latest news about the store or create a full-fledged portfolio on a separate page.

Many people have already managed to make sure from personal experience that Shape5 templates are the easiest and most convenient way to get a quality website on the Internet. In them you can always find a lot of useful settings, as well as interesting design solutions.

4. ThemeXpert Vibration - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ThemeXpert Vibration virtuemart

The site for the sale of modern gadgets can be organized using the template Vibration. Detailed descriptions of the most frequently purchased devices and new equipment will allow the buyer to be interested. A automatically scrolling menu will provide an opportunity to quickly get acquainted with all the proposed products. Optimally located menus and individual links to popular products will allow for good sales. A timely update of deliveries will simplify the task of developing clients who prefer fashionable gadgets.

If you are looking for a quality Joomla template for an online store, then stop for a minute and read about ThemeXpert Vibration template. This is a high-quality and modern template that can satisfy many owners of online shop. At the top is the logo, links to login and registration, as well as a switch of languages in case your site supports multiple languages. Below is the product search panel and links to sections of the store. Under them is a large slider, which is decorated in the form of a gift ribbon. Each slide is accompanied by an interesting effect of approaching the user's screen.

Below is a horizontally scrollable panel with hot offers from the store: best-selling or discounted items. On the left are the navigation bar for sections of the store and the panel with the choice of the displayed currency. In the center is another slider with hot offers store. The very same product catalog is already slightly lower and is a standard for online stores tile products with sketches.

At the bottom is a live chat button, the latest news from RSS, a tweet widget that shows the latest posts from the microblogging service and a panel for subscribing to the mailing list. Also at the bottom of the page there is contact information for site visitors and links to social networks where you can look at the store page. On top of that, there is also information about the currencies accepted by the store. If you need an online shop template that is thought out to the smallest detail, then the ThemeXpert studio template will be an excellent choice for you and your customers.

5. OrdaSoft Amazon - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Amazon virtuemart

Modern collections of books have long migrated to the Internet. And in order to find and read the right book, it is not necessary to get together and go to the library. Every day more and more prints and books are being digitized, which are filled with virtual libraries. It was for creating a virtual book storage on the Internet that the Amazon OS template was developed. The template structure is adapted in such a way that it would be convenient and easy to use.

As already mentioned, this template is focused on the creation of online storage of various printed products. On its pages you can locate a full-fledged library or create a repository of thematic collections of a particular author. The OrdaSoft Amazon template is a great solution for novice writers. With it, you can create a personal repository on the Internet for their works. You can also successfully on the basis of this template to create the site of a famous magazine or newspaper, whose numbers are published daily. Thus, it will be easy to post new issues of magazines or newspapers that will be available on the Internet.

The static main menu of the template, designed in the form of a strict dark strip - an excellent solution in favor of the convenience of navigating through sections and pages of the future site. In the fixed menu there is everything you need. Here is the search form, the selection of the desired category, and the registration form. It is this Joomla template that most closely resembles a stand with books or glossy magazines. A variety of animated thumbnails with varying color schemes enhance the visibility of the template as a whole. Almost all OrdaSoft templates have powerful tools for fine-tuning menu items and appearance. On the pages of this template, you can place a lot of useful information. And if you see fit, then at any time you can add or delete a couple of pages of the template without global alterations of the template.

6. RocketTheme Zephyr - Joomla Template

Joomla Template RocketTheme Zephyr virtuemart

Gradient monophonic background Zephyr template, as well as possible underlines the content, visually highlighting each element. This is a great option for a site theme. The dynamics of the pop-up menu allows you to make it as complete as possible, without being afraid to take precious space on the main page. Under the main menu there is a large horizontal banner, and under it is a ribbon of major events consisting of small images. The template has a popup module. A very interesting detail - information about the posted article with the name of the author, the date of placement and number of views, appears when you hover the mouse over the icon in the right corner, where the user is prompted to print it or send it to an email address.

Do you have a blog about news from the world of the video game industry? Love to write reviews of the latest games released? Then the Zephyr template can be useful to you - a stylish and powerful template for a blog like yours.

At the top of the template is a logo and a panel to enter visitors who are registered members of your site. Under the logo is a horizontal panel with a menu of sections and a scrollable slider for news and materials that were published on the site. Under the slider is another horizontal panel, which contains links to the latest added materials on the site. These links are laid out under the guise of thumbnails of relevant materials. Below this panel is a panel with the current date and a string to search for materials on the site. The very materials and information about the game is already below in the middle of the site. Below is the contact information for visitors who wish to contact the administration of the resource for suggestions or resolving controversial issues. In the contact information you can include everything that you see fit.

The template has as many as twelve styles. Using these styles, you can completely change the way it looks and, accordingly, perceived information by certain readers of your game reviews. So, you have, for example, the choice to make the template light or, on the contrary, gloomy and dark. What exactly your blog will be is up to you. However, the most important thing is that you have a choice, thanks to the aforementioned twelve styles. As a result, we have an impressive Joomla template with great potential for customizing its appearance.

7. HotThemes eCommerce - Joomla Template

Joomla Template HotThemes eCommerce virtuemart

Simple template Hot eCommerce is perfect for creating a portal for sales of state-of-the-art technical innovations. Automatically scrollable menu helps to view a large number of proposals. And the presence of the navigation menu by product category will simplify the task of finding the perfect product. There is a sorting by price, name and regulator demonstration of products on the page.

Template eCommerce presents you studio HotThemes, which made this template for Joomla. It can be used as an online store of electronic devices such as computers, laptops, phones, etc. The style of the presented template is quite soft and light, there are five color themes to choose from.

Predefined Style 1 is the first theme that presents dark blue and light shades. The site's background is implemented in a light gray solid fill. The main text is black, is on a white solid background.

The following color scheme is implemented Predefined Style 2, which contains orange and dark yellow color shades. This combination of colors looks quite nice and beautiful, also adds a light background effect.

Glamorous and elegant theme Predefined Style 3, is a red and dark tones that create a stunning contrast with each other. The background of the site is made of black solid fill.

The fourth style of the template is Predefined Style 4. This style is made in light color with some light blue tones. The background is a gradient from gray to white.

And the final color scheme will be Predefined Style 5, which includes dark blue color shades that blend well with the dark background of the site. Looks pretty cool and original.

8. JoomlArt Charity - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlArt Charity virtuemart

Colorful template JA Charity contains all the necessary tools to create a beautiful, user-friendly site. It includes photo and video galleries, a modern online store, slide show modules for the most interesting products, comments and news on the site. Such a simple and bright design will surely please visitors.

A company engaged in charity will benefit from the entire functionality of the site. After all, the name of the template JoomlArt Charity, speaks for itself. Using a unique interface, it is convenient to browse the site, both on a computer with a large modern monitor and on a tablet PC. It will be adapted to the screen size of any gadget.

The developers of the template provided the opportunity to use the Arabic language, and therefore, there is the possibility of typing from right to left. The main menu of the template is located at the top of the site, with its help you can quickly go to any page. In the next position of the template is a slideshow on which you can place the most important and vivid photos, as well as the countdown timer to any charity concert or other company event. Further, this Joomla template contains articles and online shop positions in the blog format, which is very convenient for the user. Separately highlighted section of the site for donations, where everyone can choose who to provide financial assistance.

The developer offers two color themes of the template, the first is presented in a bright yellow aspect with contrasting black elements of the site. The second theme is made in slightly muted shades, with less use of yellow.

Considering this template, we can conclude that he, like the rest of the JoomlArt templates, has everything website needs for almost any company, not necessarily associated with charity. All components and modules will be useful for almost all corporate sites.

9. Shape5 Bridge of Hope - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Shape5 Life Journey Bridge of Hope virtuemart

The Shape5 Bridge of Hope template is a universal template that is best suited for designing websites of various government organizations, such as an educational institution or enterprise. With this template you can share the latest news, announce events, post other useful information. Nice design and competent presentation of information will make your site easy to use.

The Bridge of Hope template was made for regular blogs with articles and materials. If your site is not replete with videos and images, then this Joomla template is perfect for you. Also, it is perfect for those who prefer simplicity and minimal features in design.

At the top is the logo, the form for searching articles and links to sections of the site. Under the logo is a slider for the most interesting articles and materials published on your site. Below that is a horizontal panel with tabs and information about the materials that were published on it. In the template there are many different blocks, each of which contains a particular information. These can be links to recently added materials, links to popular articles, the articles themselves, contact information and much more. It is a lot of blocks - it means and there you can put a lot of information there, respectively. It should be noted that this Shape5 studio template is also adapted for easy viewing on smartphones. Now when every second person has such a device available or even better, a tablet like an iPad, then the adaptation of the site to mobile devices makes this template really interesting and of high quality.

What can be said in general about the template? It is most suitable for small informational blogs without motley pictures and videos. As well as webmasters who are not picky about the site's style. If you have such a site, then it is worth looking in the direction of this template.

10. JoomlaBamboo Ignite - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaBamboo Ignite virtuemart

Ignite is a template that will perfectly suit an online store that sells products of any kind. The refined and at the same time modest design serves to focus the user's attention on the proposed product. Thus, the potential buyer is not distracted by the bright and bulky elements of the site. The template was developed taking into account all the nuances of online shopping that have been identified so far.

The Ignite template is what you need for an online store that sells clothes and sells fashion accessories. Template Studio JoomlaBamboo do you a great job for your online fashion store.

At the top of the template is a panel with the main sections of the store and the shopping cart icon. Below is the logo of the template and the search string, through which visitors, that is, your potential buyers, will be able to find the product of interest. Under the search bar is the main block of the site divided into several thematic parts. First comes the slider, which contains the hottest and most interesting products from the assortment of the store. On the right is a small list of hot stocks. Below is the next block in which the main list of goods is located. Here are all the products of the store in the form of a small list.

There is another section - “About us”. There you can place information about the store, like the one that originated in the store, than it is better than others, and similar materials. Any visitor will be interested to know a little more about the store in which they are purchased or plan to purchase. This way you can create some kind of connection between your store and your customers. For a more convenient viewing of the store, while scrolling through the page, the panel with the store sections and the order shopping cart icon will be visible from the top. At the very bottom of the page there is information about the legal addresses of the company, phone numbers, links to profiles in social networks and other similar information.

Made in bright colors, this compact and stylish Joomla template will not only please, but also be convenient for visitors of your store to use.

11. LTheme Optik - Joomla Template

Joomla Template LTheme Optik virtuemart

Many still think that only a large firm or a person with wealth can afford a high-quality website on the Internet. However, this is no longer the case. Today it is much easier to open the site than it was ten years ago, and it is not necessary to know the program code for this. LT Optik template will give you the opportunity to get a unique tool for networking in just a couple of minutes.

It is intended primarily for commercial activities, and will be the ideal solution for opening an online shop. At the same time LTheme Optik contains many useful functions for publishing materials. This will allow you to run your own blog or showcase a portfolio.

The appearance of the site is not overloaded with excess, has a modern design and a pleasant-looking animation. At the same time, the Joomla template makes it possible to change any part of the resource using the detailed settings in the control panel. You can also use ready-made options for quick editing, they include: four color themes, background images and site layout. On the start page there is a large number of positions for modules, it gives you the opportunity to set such elements as: slide show, advertising banners, latest news and laid out products, partners, etc. The LT Optik template offers a complete set of tools for selling any goods via the Internet, for this there is: a convenient shopping cart, a detailed description, a gallery of images, customer reviews, product ratings and much more. A blog is suitable for posting news; it is unique in that it offers to create posts of various formats.

LTheme templates are great for both business and personal use. Their installation and configuration is intuitive to everyone. Thanks to the built-in modules and attractive appearance, you can open a full high-quality resource.

12. OrdaSoft Classic Book Library - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Classic Book Library virtuemart

Template Classic Book Library allows you to create a site that is truly modern in all respects. It is decorated in a simple style, which allows the buyer to focus on the choice of goods, without being distracted by redundant design elements. The site, built on the basis of this template, will not want to leave: after all, it will focus on the content, rather than annoying elements.

This template is suitable for any online bookstore. This may be a website from which you can order the usual paper books, and a store that provides their electronic copies. OrdaSoft Classic Book Library is equally well suited for both options. If you do not want to be limited to only one of them and want to immediately please both conservatives and the younger generation, the template will allow you to use both options at once.

The template is made in a discreetly laconic style that will allow all book lovers to get acquainted with new authors and their works, without diverting their attention to anything else. This Joomla template contains pages conveniently divided into small thematic blocks. Their location and appearance are carefully thought out, so that you can put a lot of information on the main page without making it visually overloaded. Here everyone will find what he needs: there are recommendations for both authors and genres. By the occasion, if a visitor wants to purchase one of the newest books, the site will also be ready. What device he prefers to use does not matter: the template is conveniently adapted to the screens of all formats and sizes.

For any online shop, it is important that as many customers as possible. And for this they need to attract from the very beginning - from the moment of the first visit to the site. This and other OrdaSoft templates are made by professionals so that they want to return to the site again and again.

13. ThemeForest XPrime - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ThemeForest XPrime virtuemart

XPRIME template is a professional multipurpose template for Joomla, created by the creative agency Payo Themes. Being adaptive and relevant to all current trends in web design, XPRIME instantly adapts to any screen. He has a restrained minimalist design that everyone will definitely like. However, this is not what makes it special.

Online stores, portfolio sites, real estate agencies, news portals, blogs are just some of the things that ThemeForest XPRIME can bring to life. The possibilities of this template are limited only by your imagination, and each site on which it is installed is not like any other.

The main highlight of the template can be called its versatility. The TF XPRIME template includes more than 60 page layouts to choose from - much more than the rest. The user has full control over color schemes, menu items, fonts, side panels, etc. The settings panel allows you to easily set the logo, its size, style and position on the page. This is one of the few templates that allows you to download an additional logo for display on mobile devices. Each menu item can be assigned its own icon, and the pre-installed icon collection includes 670 images. No restrictions: if the settings in the control panel are few, you can add your own JS code and manually edit the CSS.

This Joomla template is compatible with the extensions of the online store J2Store and VirtueMart, which allows you to quickly and easily create professional-grade online stores. It is also compatible with the JomSocial social networking plugin. The built-in add-on LayerSlider helps to create sliders.

So, XPRIME is ideal for sites of any subject and scale: from single-page business cards to major online stores and social networks. Like other ThemeForest templates, XPRIME is optimized for search engines and tested for compatibility with all popular browsers. It also includes many useful add-ons that allow you to change the appearance of the site with one mouse click.

14. OrdaSoft Shoe Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Shoe Store virtuemart

The largest e-commerce sites are not always popular. And for good reason, one of which is the same design. Someone will say that a potential client can easily master a time-tested interface. However, this approach stops working when there are millions of competitors online. In order to stand out from the mass of similar sites and developed a template Shoe Store.

This is a highly specialized template designed to create a full-fledged online store. Suitable for selling shoes, clothes, accessories, perfumes, cosmetics and other things. OrdaSoft Shoe Store has an interesting appearance and contains the necessary settings for the online store.

For shopping, the mass of useful details: a convenient shopping cart, product description, photos, reviews, rating based on ratings from customers, payment from any card, PayPal integration. For posting news or articles on fashion, a blog was placed in the Joomla template, where everyone can view additional information and comment. Things can be located in directories and sorted by user. There is a search engine with selection options. You can also place the following elements on the website: slideshow, additional advertising, latest products, best-selling products, logos, brands and your partners, an email subscription. View contacts and contact the seller, will help a special form on a separate page.

These and other equally useful characteristics have templates OrdaSoft. The number of settings will allow you to adjust the management of the site, as it will be convenient for you.

15. JoomShaper Tixon - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomShaper Tixon virtuemart

The JS Tixon template is a mixture of a business card site and a blog where you have the opportunity to express yourself. Thanks to the catchy, but laconic design, a visitor to your site will definitely pay attention to your fresh ideas and desire to work. But not only the design is a plus of the template. You can also note the competent layout and quite impressive functionality.

What could be a more interesting solution for your business card website? Template JoomShaper Tixon perfectly cope with its task - to tell about your company as much as possible so that the client noticed all the most necessary data for him.

The color scheme is quite typical, but so good, because the combination of black, white and gray has long established itself in the field of web design.

The structure of the site is quite rich in elements. At the top are sections and an animated block with pictures. Under it are the main advantages of your company. Below this Joomla template is added a gallery with your most interesting and fresh projects. Under it - the top news and report on the success of your company. The following is a block with information about your areas of activity and a blog in which you can post the latest news of the team. And at the very bottom is a list of the most significant customers and a block of contacts.

This JoomShaper template is the perfect solution for a business card site. It has a large number of significant advantages, from which you can select the design, structure and functionality. You will be satisfied with it, because the attractiveness of the template plays a big role in the desire of a person to read something. Also, good fonts with excellent readability will only complement the overall picture. That is why this template is your choice.

16. OrdaSoft Fashion Cast - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Shoe Store virtuemart

In the wake of the rapid development of the Internet, develop of sites. Each of them must meet modern quality standards and look attractive on any device. However, the creation of such a site can be a real headache, especially for a novice administrator. For this case, a Fashion Cast template was created. He is modern, stylish and able to please everyone.

Behind a beautiful shell is hiding a very powerful tool for e-commerce. This is a full-fledged online shop with embedded trading functions. OrdaSoft Fashion Cast is designed for the sale of fashionable clothes, will be of interest to actively-developing brands seeking to enter the market. The template will surprise a variety of opportunities for setting up and managing an online store.

The developers took care of the comfort of your customers. Added the ability to make purchases using different payment methods. Shopping cart of goods has never been so easy to learn. Navigation is intuitively understandable even to a child, all things are placed in catalogs and there is a possibility of sorting. There are such modules as: the last added goods, sales statistics, contact form for communication. On the main page is a slide show. A page with sold clothes contain: the choice of color, size and quantity of things, description, rating, comments, photos. Despite the fact that the Joomla template has the perfect color combinations, customize each element on the site is not difficult. You can change colors, font, logo and more.

OrdaSoft templates will help you to stand out from the crowd and get the deserved respect. This is a unique chance to bring your business to new success.

17. JoomlaXTC Hardcore - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Hardcore virtuemart

The style of the template JoomlaXTC Hardcore Shop is dynamic and some kind of purebred. In the background of the title page - an animated image, also filled with dynamics. Suitable for a site about skateboarding, surfing, skydiving and other extremely active sports. Social network icons - in a conspicuous place, under the logo, the motto and on the same line with hot blocks, links to news and events. On other pages: news blocks with photos, a fragment of the text and the button "next". The navigation menu pops up when you hover, and the buttons change color.

Template JXTC Hardcore Shop is a non-standard Joomla template, which can be both a template for a news blog, and a template for an online shop at the same time.

The background image here is a video with skaters. At the top of the template is a menu of sections of the site, a logo and icons for user login and settings. Below there are a number of panels, among which there is a panel of links to the pages of the site in popular social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This is the main page of the template, but there are other pages, including a page with a store assortment. Each product on this page is presented in the form of a thumbnail image that you can click on. As soon as the visitor clicks on the image, he will go to the product page with its more detailed and detailed description. On the page of each product there is a separate panel "Similar products", which, as the name suggests, shows similar products. Each product has its own rating scale, the ability to like Facebook, share on Twitter. Also, any product can be added to the list of their favorite products.

But this is not all that this JoomlaXTC studio template can please. So, there are four preset styles in it, which are essentially design options for the blog's main page. If you have a niche online store or you need a non-standard template, then this template is what you need.

18. TemPlaza Henry - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Hardcore virtuemart

Template Henry - the best solution for online shop owners. Virtuemart, designed for online shopping. Adaptive flat design of the template will allow you to avoid the appearance of potential buyers due to poor-quality presentation of information on tablets and mobile devices. A distinctive feature of this template is the presence of a slider for output to the main page of the site.

Template Henry is a custom and incredibly stylish Joomla template that professional designers have created for online clothing stores. What does this TemPlaza studio template look like? In the left part there is a vertical block with a logo. Under the store logo are links to product categories and some pages with useful information such as information about the delivery and checkout.

At the bottom of the block are links to social networks - Twitter, Facebook and Google+. On the right is a scrollable panel, made in the form of blinds. In each block of this “blinds” there is an image characterizing one or another section. When you hover on a block, an animation appears - it fades out and you can click on it. As a result, you will need to go to the section with a catalog of appropriate clothing. At the top of the page is a translucent panel of dark color. It contains a link to the site search form, a link to a personal profile and a shopping cart. In the shopping cart of goods, you can view all the products that you have added to it, but have not yet had time to purchase. Or for now, pondering over the correctness of his decision. Here you can configure the delivery address, view the rates and so on. Now, in more detail about the sections of the goods.

The product catalog is designed as a continuous mosaic of product images. If you hover the mouse over one of the images, it will slightly subside and the panel below pops up with the name of the product, its description and value in dollars. This is how TemPlaza Studio looks and works. If you want to have a beautiful and unusual template for your online store with clothes, feel free to use it.

19. ZooTemplate Windy - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ZooTemplate Windy virtuemart

Creating website, most of the time it takes the choice of design, as the visual perception attracts users in the first place. Unusual ZT Windy is the most interesting option that will appeal to both the site owner and users.

This template is ready to use. It has everything. Such template is suitable for industrial sites or for those who are interested in using natural resources without harming the environment. Windy ZOOTemplate template is easy to use. Having a similar design, you will thereby create a positive first impression among users, arouse respect, since you support the generation of energy through the wind. And this characterizes you only on the positive side. After all, everyone knows that now one of the most pressing topics is the conservation of nature, the use of its resources.

The design has bright, pleasant colors. Mostly blue and green. As you know, these are colors symbolizing energy and life. There are photos of happy people, which positively affects the user's mood and gives him a desire to work and reach new heights. There are images of a windmill. Also Joomla template offers animation of this mill. But when viewing the site, this animation does not distract from searching for information and viewing the site. In the upper left half there is a clear menu convenient to use. Also available to the user information about obtaining energy through the wind. This makes your site not only convenient, but also useful.

If you want to get both uniqueness and convenience in one template, and show yourself from the best side, ZOOTemplate templates are for you. You will not need to spend a lot of time to reunite all the desired elements into one. You already have everything ready. After reviewing your site with this template, the user will be pleasantly surprised by this design, such convenient use and so useful information. This template will give a positive and joy to you and your users.

20. Joomla-Monster Modern Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Joomla-Monster Modern Store virtuemart

All the most fashionable clothes to collect in one place, you can use the modern template JM Modern VirtueMart Store, which is characterized by the presence of all the important modules for easy navigation through the site. There is an opportunity to inform visitors about fresh arrivals, promotions and demonstration of the best models on the main page. The submenu in the top panel, when activated, moves forward smoothly, and the guest of the site can select the categories of goods that interest him, see the delivery terms and pay for them.

An elegant and modern solution for the implementation of online trading will be the Joomla-Monster studio template with the characteristic name JM Modern VirtueMart Store. The name implies the use of a template as a design for an online shop. Of course, the most attractive will look in the context of the presented elegant design online store of clothing, haberdashery and shoes.

Purpose, online clothing store, JM Modern Store template received thanks to the built-in extension VirtueMart, specifically designed for this kind of web-service. The demo version of the template is equipped with an excellent way of positioning samples of clothes of a potential store. There is also a function of product classification by gender, model, cost or popularity, for example, "Must have" or "Popular models", which is extremely attractive to the user and convenient for the owner of the resource when modifying the content of the site. Unique button icons add a modern touch and convenience to JM Modern Store. The main unit is white, which allows you to focus user attention directly on models for sale. Color accents only on the buttons leading to important information about discounts, promotions or description.

That is, if you have not been able to decide on the design of your online store for a long time, then the Joomla JM Modern VirtueMart Store template will be the beginning of a worthy long voyage for your business.

21. VinaGecko Vina Rudo - Joomla Template

Joomla Template VinaGecko Vina Rudo virtuemart

The Vina Rudo template is a multipurpose theme for Joomla virtual stores that combines a modern, responsive design, perfectly optimized for various types of devices, with a rich set of built-in features. It is easy to install and configure, contains many options for personalization, as well as several sets of ready-made pages. With this theme, create your own online store is not difficult.

Since this template is multipurpose, it is suitable for various types of online stores. VinaGecko Vina Rudo equally well can refresh the design of both the fashion store and modern gadgets. With it, you can sell watches or household appliances, furniture or household goods. Due to the possibility of fine-tuning the design of this template, it does not impose restrictions on the subject of the online store.

The design of the template is very light, spacious, contains many animation effects. These effects are clearly visible on a large image slider and when you hover on the cards of goods. In addition, the page is animated and scrolling, allowing the content to be displayed smoothly. Basically, this Joomla template has a white background, but thanks to the built-in parallax effect, you can also place a background image between it. In addition to the impressive design, this template is amazing and the number of built-in functions. This includes mega-menu, product filter, convenient search by category, multi-language, and much more. If you need to improve the functionality and design of the online shop, then the Vina Rudo template will be the perfect solution.

VinaGecko templates have many advantages, including excellent quality, professional design and attention to detail. It is thoughtful details that make the work of this studio so great. Therefore, this template takes into account everything that may be needed to create your own e-commerce site.

22. JoomShaper iStore II - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Hardcore virtuemart

A guarantee of the success of a site dedicated to any kind of e-commerce will be the JS iStore II template. Its design provides fast operation and functionality. Pop-up menu windows allow visitors to quickly navigate when choosing a section or page of a huge catalog. Built-in search will help to find the desired product by name, and spectacular slide shows will present all the benefits of selected products to site visitors.

Template JoomShaper Studio is perfect for those who want to create fashionable online stores with a wide range of products, aesthetically fascinating with its product catalog with quick access to view the latest look of the fashion industry.

JoomShaper template iStore II reveals a professionally oriented color coloring, solving for you the problem of fantasy design to attract the burning gaze of buyers. Nothing more, focus on the presentation of the collection. From the first moments of acquaintance with the site, the slideshow of current models of the season is presented to the viewer's attention, which saves time searching for the desired model. The company logo is placed in the first upper square, as if welcoming the visitor. Next, the site tour moves to the upper right corner, where the most popular detailed information tabs are located. As soon as the question arises, right there look finds the necessary information.

The Joomla template aims to maximize the pleasure of the whims of customers, combining relaxing site excursions with minimizing the time spent searching for the desired image. All the necessary information about the company is unobtrusively presented in dimmer shades at the bottom of the site. The time has come for a competent business - this is the solution for you. Almost finished projects, it remains only to invest a piece of yourself! Do not doubt the success of business ventures, if the template is designed by professionals in their field.

23. OrdaSoft Lingerie Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Lingerie Store virtuemart

The site should have a sophisticated design, easy navigation, simple and intuitive interface. This quality is achieved without knowing the female audience is quite difficult. With this and many others will help you template Lingerie store. Developers were able to find the perfect compromise between appearance and nested functions.

Many, owning their own webstore, are interested in an online platform for further business development. It is for such a case that OrdaSoft Lingerie store is intended. He is able to give a full resource for purchases of any goods. However, given its elegant appearance, the sale of lingerie can be the main focus of the site.

Despite the femininity of the topic, it contains a powerful tool for managing and editing the site. If desired, the appearance can be changed to any other type of product. For shopping, there is a convenient shopping cart, an image gallery, and the items themselves have a detailed description with a rating based on reviews. Attract buyers on the main page can be an animated slider and any arrangement of modules. The product is easy to place in categories, thereby creating collections of certain brands. Also included in the Joomla template: site search, social buttons, shopping sorting, best-selling products, feedback form, google map and mass space for information about webstore.

OrdaSoft templates will be able to please the excellent quality of their performance, giving a lot of positive emotions. With them you will earn the recognition of customers and the respect of business partners.

24. OmegaTheme CarAccessories - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OmegaTheme CarAccessories virtuemart

To create an online automotive goods store, choosing an OT CarAccessories template will be the best solution. Specially designed design will allow the buyer to immerse in the proper atmosphere of the car and make the purchase as convenient as possible. The dynamics of this template can only be envied, the ever-changing lists of products and special offers on the main page will allow you to bring all the variety of products offered, and flashy design will not leave the buyer a choice.

OmegaTheme Car Accessories is a Joomla template for online shops that sell car accessories. For example, winter tires, tires, headlights and the like.

At the top of the template is its logo, phone number and information on the delivery of goods. At the top of the page there is also a form for searching for goods. On the right side of the template there is a menu bar of store sections, a shopping cart of goods and links to social networks where you can share information about this store with your friends. Against the background of the German car, there is a panel with browsing ads, a video from Youtube and a block for the most popular products. Below them is a panel with the logos of the brands whose products are in the assortment of your auto shop. At the bottom there is already a catalog of products, which is divided into categories. These categories are presented in separate scrollable columns. There is a block in which all the goods of the store can be sorted by different criteria. For example, you can make it so that only the products from the trim section for car seats are displayed. Or halogen headlights. You can also sort products by different brands. At the bottom is a panel with a list of recently added materials and a link to the RSS feed of the store. Also in the bottom of the template there is a form to subscribe to the newsletter and announcements from the store by e-mail. In addition, there are indicated and payment systems with which this store supports the work.

And so, if you need a high-quality and convenient catalog for an online store, then this Joomla template suits you one hundred and one percent. This template Studio OmegaTheme allows you to conveniently view the products in the store and make easy orders.

25. Shape5 General Commerce - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Shape5 General Commerce virtuemart

The General Commerce template is specifically designed for websites selling sportswear, equipment and corporate sites. Perfect for creating an online store. There is the ability to change color styles and backgrounds, as well as insert and modify the image. Also in this template, you can change and edit the width of the columns. This template automatically adapts to any screen resolution. This is the perfect solution for creating commercial sites and online shops.

Not a day goes by that another Shape5 template does not please us, and this time it was General Commerce template. This template was submitted by the designers who designed it as a template for websites dedicated to snowboarding, but the truth is that it is suitable for sites of different profiles. This means that your blog should not be about snowboarding or other winter fun. He can be about skateboarding. Template is suitable for any business.

Now about the template itself. The background here is the texture of snowy mountains, and at the top of the page is the site logo and a panel with sections. There are also buttons with links to social networks, where you can see the profiles of the site on Facebook or Twitter. In addition, there are buttons for authorizing existing users, and for registering new ones. Below is information about products or services sold by your site. It is presented in the form of rectangular cells from which the whole grid is made. At the bottom of the page is information and recent posts that were posted on the blog. On the right side of the page there is information about the site and other information that you think should be there. Even at the bottom of the page you can find lists of links to all sorts of pages - pages with contact information, free job vacancies, rules and other things. There is also a miniature version of the map with a string to search for materials. In the template there is a slider, which is located at the very top and smoothly merges with the white background. You can put both text with images and videos in slides. On the left side of the page is a scrollable mini-slide panel, with which you can switch between full-scale slides.

This Joomla template is also adapted for viewing on mobile devices like iPhone and iPad (or simple smartphones and tablets). So, we have a stylish, modern and balanced template for all sorts of blogs.

26. OrdaSoft Sports Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Shape5 General Commerce virtuemart

OrdaSoft Sports Store is a sports goods e-commerce template for Joomla, just for those who want to expand their Internet business. Functionality is important for any good online store, especially security when making payments. That is why the VirtueMart support included in this topic is very important. This is a secure, reliable and feature-rich e-commerce system, and you get it for free to the bargain! Build your e-commerce business site in a matter of minutes using this Joomla!

Here is a new Joomla template from the famous OrdaSoft studio - Sports Store template. As the name suggests, this template is primarily intended for online stores selling sports equipment and accessories.

The template is made in bright colors and decorated with a bright white background. In the upper part is the logo of the store itself and the category of goods available in this store. There is also a search bar that allows buyers to quickly find the product of interest in the store's assortment. Under all this good in the center of the template image is located with the original pop-up slider. As soon as the customer hovers the mouse over the advertising image, an unobtrusive slider pops up below, allowing you to switch between the available slides.

Under the slider there is a graphic list of brands, hot offers and another list of product categories in the form of a column on the left. In the center is located directly the list of goods with thumbnails and price. Below is the option to change the display currency on the site, another search string and a list of brands. The product list itself is also a kind of interactive slider - in one such list it holds several lists at once, between which you can easily switch. In total, the template has two large lists - a list of new products and a list of popular products. In addition to all of the above, there is another interesting design element - a floating shopping cart that moves around the screen while scrolling through the page.

A feature of this template is the ability to change currency on the fly, voluminous lists of goods in the form of original sliders and which are a kind of shop window and main slider in the upper part of the screen, allowing you to get quick access to the most interesting store offers. Template from Ordasoft is perfect for your sporting goods store - you can be sure of that!

27. JoomlaXTC Espresso! - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Espresso! virtuemart

Bright catchy style Espresso template! attracts attention and is highly informative. Appetizing contour images on transparent buttons of subsections, animated gallery-panel, reviewing subsections. Ideal for a good restaurant site. Separate blocks with a photo, a fragment of text and a button, to go to the overview. The same blocks, on the special “scrolling” buttons of the panel at the top of the page, for those who do not want to go down the page. Social network icons are noticeable, in the middle of the page. Bottom right - a block with comments to the reviews.

Today we will please you with one more template - it will be JoomlaXTC Espresso! This Joomla template is suitable for blogs and sites that are related to food. For example, if you have your own restaurant or grocery store, then this JoomlaXTC studio template is perfect for it.

Elegant design is the main advantage of this template. At the top is an elegant logo with a panel of sections of the site. Here on the general background there is also a slider with constantly changing images. To see the subsections of certain categories of the site, you just need to hover over one of them - a drop-down list will appear with the available subsections. There is also a panel for entering or registering visitors. As soon as you click on it, a form for entering / registering a visitor will immediately appear on the screen. Below in the form of a film is a panel with the latest materials added to the site. The panel scrolls left and right, which allows you to fit more materials within one page. Below are the materials directly in the vertical row. At the bottom of the page there is a block of authors of the blog, a block with icons of social networks and a list of the last comments left on the site.

If you need an elegant and attractive Joomla template for a blog dedicated to food and food, then this is a great option. Looking at the page of this template immediately wakes up the appetite, because it seems that you feel the pleasant aroma of food and food very close.

28. Joomla-Monster Kids Fashion Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template Joomla-Monster Kids Fashion Store virtuemart

Template JM Kids Fashion VirtueMart Store is suitable for an online store of children's clothing. Gorgeous colorful design will appeal to all your visitors. The big slider at the top of the site will show all the special offers and discounts for your store. In addition to the main menu on the site you can find an interesting conclusion of the categories in the center, which looks very stylish. By choosing this template, be sure that all parents will order clothes only from you.

The choice of the design of your electronic children's clothing store is not easy? Your problem is solved, take a look at the colorful Joomla-Monster studio template called JM Kids Fashion Store. This template and its virtual racks with children's clothes enthusiastically tout little fashionistas and their parents to go shopping. Even if the purpose is narrowly defined here, this is not a disadvantage. Is it possible to call a site 100% designed to sell children's clothes bad? Hardly.

The main information block is white, which is reasonable relative to the positioning of information, the headings are made with mischievous colored font, the navigation menu is on a sky-blue background, which makes the template pleasing to the eye. With the help of built-in extensions, you can divide clothing into categories: by age, sex, type of clothing and models, for which the template already has attractive multi-colored icons, made in a unique minimalist style. JM Kids Fashion Store contains standard samples of photos with clothes that you will only need to replace with your own. You can change the color design only by clicking on one of the three circles in the lower block of the site, and the navigation block will change its color from the original blue to blue or mustard-yellow.

The multi-color Joomla JM Kids Fashion Store template for an online fashion store for children will repeatedly delight not only your customers, but you as well.

29. JoomlaShine Ferado - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaShine Ferado virtuemart

Template JSN Ferado, was written specifically for websites selling fashionable men's and women's clothing. The developers have tried to give the template a modern and colorful design that will help customers quickly navigate the site. The template was included 6 different color styles, it will help you to choose the right range for different events, such as the release of the winter or spring collections. Layout made at a high level and is compatible with different types of devices.

This template will be a good choice for those who decide to open a store selling clothes, shoes and various fashion accessories. With the help of the JSN Ferado template, you will create a stylish online shop and be able to place on your pages information about fashion news.

The template contains interesting design elements. The animation of the drop-down menu is unusual (when you hover over an item in the list, all built-in categories appear smoothly in the list view to the right). On the main page there is a slider for two pictures (wide for the whole screen). Elements of product categories are neatly composed using small animations. When you hover on a heading, its short description is revealed. At the bottom of the Joomla template made a small block to accommodate social networks and popular services (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube, Flickr, Dribble). At the bottom there are blocks with a brief description of companies, recently published articles, photos with Instagram and contacts. The project supports 6 different color schemes: blue, red, green, purple, brown and yellow. You can choose the color scheme for a new collection or for the season, for example, green or yellow colors are perfect for summer collections of clothes.

This Joomla template is set up neatly, without using bright and annoying animations. Colors and palettes are well chosen and help to focus on basic things. In general, it turned out a good project for a site dedicated to fashion.

30. OrdaSoft Tool Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Tool Store virtuemart

The Tool Store template is the perfect solution for quickly creating an online store. His thoughtful appearance inspires confidence in the visitor, and the wide functionality allows you to create the perfect online store. The development of this template is made by the best experts: designers and web developers. This ensures the stability of its work and ease of use.

Initially considered template is designed to create an online store site for the sale of tools and construction uniforms, as well as related products. However, the advantage of the OrdaSoft Tool Store template is its versatility, which allows using it with minimal changes to create any other online shop.

At the top of this site template are quick links. Then follows the wide header of the site, which provides a place for the logo, the top menu, made with beautiful animation, as well as an animated search string. Immediately below it is a large slider for posting photos of goods. After it begins directly catalog. First, there is a place for three images with a link. Here you can place, for example, the logos of manufacturers. Under them are popular products. To the left of these blocks is a beautiful and functional menu that allows you to quickly get into the catalog with the desired category of products. This Joomla template ends with a large black footer. It contains quick links and social buttons.

OrdaSoft templates are a simple and accessible way for everyone to create a website. Their use is a guarantee of obtaining a quality final product. Using the templates of this developer, you are guaranteed to save yourself from working with the code and possible errors. This allows you to save a significant amount of time and get the result as quickly as possible.

31. GavickPro Bike Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template GavickPro Bike Store virtuemart

Bike Store is a great template that is suitable for creating an online store, focused on the sale of bicycles. This site will interest first of all the professionals of cycling, as well as amateurs who like quiet bike rides. To help its customers get what they need, the GK Bike Store template is designed so that the main products are in the spotlight and the interface is as clear and unobtrusive as possible.

For portals covering the moto and bicycle industry, whether it is an online shop or a news publication, an appropriate way to present and submit information is needed. The visitor should immediately understand where he went and what useful information he can find on the web page. To solve this problem, a GavickPro studio template was developed for the two-wheeled vehicle category and suitable for various purposes, from selling two-wheeled vehicles and spare parts to a thematic resource with news and reviews about this same vehicle. In principle, the use of this template is suitable for any purpose and is limited only by your imagination, because he is very versatile.

The layout is made in the style of a magazine page with horizontal stripes that are responsible for a specific menu. The main menu is traditionally located at the very top of the site, below it is a full-fledged image with scrolling buttons, usually images (with a link inside) to the main topics of the portal at the moment. All base modules: - search; - registration of visitors; - Feedback; - Site Map; - Visitor counter and much more is present in this cliche.

Template GavickPro - Bike Store allows you to change your color palette, the location of additional menus, the location of horizontal stripes for every taste and color. Horizontal stripes of various types are presented in the form of a series of boxes scrolling with the help of buttons with a picture and a title; if you hover the mouse over them, the picture will increase and change the angle, quite conveniently from the point of view of information presentation. A nice looking style and not sophisticated functionality will appeal to all age groups.

Summing up, it can be stated with confidence that the design was developed with a soul, made exclusively for people, not burdened with difficult to master the bells and whistles and is designed to make it easier for the visitor to surf the portal, spoiling its rich color variety. Making a joomla template with a unique style is an extremely difficult task, but GavickPro has once again succeeded in this task.

32. HotThemes Events - Joomla Template

Joomla Template HotThemes Events virtuemart

Hot Events template is widely used to describe an event (conference, seminar, etc.) The template structure will allow the visitor to know all the details of the event. On the main page there is a well-marked “Registration” or “Participate” button, a list of honored guests of the event, as well as its main tasks.

Studio HotThemes, demonstrates another template - Events, developed under CMS Joomla. In terms of its structure, the presented template is best suited as a business card site of a company or organization, where the opportunity to post various kinds of news, articles, events, etc. is presented. The design is implemented in a pleasant light color and conceals five colors.

The first color scheme is Style 1, which is a set of light green color shades located on a light solid background. The next scheme is Style 2, which represents red tones that blend perfectly with the white background of the site. Looks original and modern. Style 3 - this is another theme of the template, which is a set of blue and white color shades, giving the site an irresistible style. The background will be white fill in the main part and light gray at the bottom of the site. Style 4, designed in coffee color shades, which give the site a rather pleasant look. Also presented the background of the site in a light form. And the final color scheme will be Style 5, which contains a contrast of dark purple and white color shades, quite nicely combined on a dark background.

33. JoomlaXTC Kraft - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Kraft virtuemart

The original JoomlaXTC Kraft template is designed to create a colorful and informative website that represents brewing products. Stylish graphics and modern design are its hallmarks. And several design options, a plug-in online shop and a variety of positions for posting various information allow this template to satisfy any requests.

This template is intended for a detailed description of the production of beer of various varieties, the placement of an online store, as well as a blog about the foamy drink, its history and production features. At the same time, all elements of the template are disabled. The site, made using the JXTC Kraft template, immerses visitors in the traditional atmosphere of amber drink and malt aroma.

Now a little more about the features that this Joomla template has. Four built-in design styles (from the classic with the image of beer taps to close to nature with photos of hop bushes). Animated pictures accompanying the main sections of the site regarding the stages of beer production, its storage features, variety of varieties and traditions of consumption. It is possible to connect one of the two built-in engines for the online store. Separately, it is worth noting the blog section, filled with many articles with colorful photos, which has a large number of different settings for visual display, including the ability to add video. The developers have not forgotten the traditional tabs: contacts, site search and a form for entering / registering visitors.

JoomlaXTC templates traditionally distinguish stylish design, versatility, a large number of modules and customizable positions. Developed with the use of modern technologies, they will be able to satisfy all your needs.

34. JoomlaShine Kido 2 - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaShine Kido 2 virtuemart

Such a template as JSN Kido 2 is an indispensable element in the JoomlaShine template collection. The advantages of its undeniable: all the same rich functionality, the ability to display on a large number of devices, flexibility and ease of use. It will simply become indispensable when creating websites on children's topics, children's online shopes and entertainment portals.

The JSN Kido 2 template is a great design option for an online store. The modules used in this template are designed to increase the efficiency of sales on the Internet.

After you install the JoomlaShine studio template on your website, you will have animated sliders at the top of the site, with the help of which you can inform visitors about current discounts, thereby triggering sales. First of all, this Joomla template is designed for installation on online clothing stores, as evidenced by the unobtrusive design, made in a minimalist style, as well as a variety of menu blocks with existing templates. Six color schemes offered by developers will allow you to make your store unique, thereby distinguishing it from the mass of similar ones.

In the left part of the site there are two menu blocks, with the help of which one can classify goods and separate them, for example, into female and male. Below these blocks is a slider, which will help to highlight certain products, for example, new products, exclusive products or, again, discount offers. Thanks to the blocks located below, you can offer buyers the most popular products, indicate the methods of payment. At the bottom of the template is another slider that allows you to separate things by brand.

And finally, in the basement you can post interesting feature articles. The block displays the last three added materials, and it is updated as new ones are added.

35. OrdaSoft Perfume Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Perfume Store virtuemart

OS Perfume Store template is a harmonious combination of stylish, modern design and a wide range of settings and tools for organizing your virtual business. Flexible and responsive template settings allow the user to create, on the fly, unique, high-quality content that is convenient for both the site administrator and online visitors.

The template was specially designed for the unique features of the perfume online store, pages of presentations or any other type of similar resources. Displaying the site created by OrdaSoft OS Perfume Store, expanding the screen, browsing pages, shopping or chatting is fully adapted to any modern gadget without any loss of functionality.

Thanks to the included in the installation package of the Joomla template, the component "VirtueMart 3.0" (a module for displaying and adjusting the slide show), you can create a number of amazing presentations of perfume products that significantly enhance the general appearance of the online store. For the convenience of users of the site, the main brands of the presented products can be placed in a separate interactive image gallery "OS Image Gallery", which facilitates navigation and search through the site. Due to the presence in the template setting module "Joomla social share module", site visitors have the opportunity to share their favorite page with their friends using the buttons of social networks. By connecting the "Map Location Map" module on the site’s contact page, you can, in addition to the phone, work time, and mail, place a store or warehouse location map and a location map from the Google service.

Having installed the template on your resource, in just a few minutes you will get a stylish, well thought out and fully ready to use online store. Templates OrdaSoft, give the user the opportunity to realize their project, without tedious learning the basics of web programming or comprehend a huge number of complex settings. OS Perfume Store - the best choice.

36. JoomlaXTC Hipster - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlaXTC Hipster virtuemart

Vintage style JoomlaXTC Hipster template, evoking a creative and lyrical mood. The design is extremely simple - the main page fits into the album list, without scrolling with the wheel. Close-up - the site logo, in the middle of the page. Below it are buttons for authorization / registration, the forms of which are also uncomplicated. The navigation bar is sensitive to hover, the buttons change color. There is a site search - in the upper right corner of the page. Ideal for a personal blog, a creative person.

JXTC Hipster template is a great option for an online shop that sells branded items. It is made in the style that is inherent in modern progressive youth, so you can be sure that with this design your site will sell better than many competitive ones.

Template Studio JoomlaXTC made in a strict design, which is dominated by dark colors. On the main page there is an opportunity to place a large form for authorization. Something similar everyone saw when he wanted to register in one of the modern Internet services, whether it be Tumblr or Twitter. At the top of the site is the menu, made in the aristocratic style. It, just like most other Joomla templates, is drop-down, which makes it functional and convenient. Information, whether it be goods cards, articles or news are displayed in blocks, not a list. For this reason, the template looks even more modern and attractive. On the site pages on the left side of the screen it is possible to install a special block. In it you can display the authorization form, additional menu and other information that you think will be useful for visitors.

This Joomla template can be called the perfection of modern design. It has everything to please visitors and potential buyers. By installing it, your online store will definitely become popular.

37. VinaGecko Vina JanShop - Joomla Template

Joomla Template VinaGecko Vina JanShop virtuemart

Every day, millions of users online make purchases sitting at home in front of the monitor screen. And this is not surprising, e-commerce has become an integral part of our lives. Today, almost all commercial organizations have their own websites, which has a positive effect on their work as a whole. You, like others, can earn good money online. All that is required for this is the Vina JanShop template.

With it, you can open a truly high-quality online store. The quantity and type of goods does not matter. VinaGecko Vina JanShop is perfect for selling fashionable clothes, all sorts of accessories, mobile devices and large household appliances.

This Joomla template has a beautiful design, an animated slider on the main, excellent visual effects and a lot of useful modules. All elements on the site are quickly configured using the control panel: choosing a logo, changing colors, editing the layout and much more. There is a place for your partners' logos and various advertisements from other sources. We should also praise the search system, product catalog and filter for sorting objects on a separate page. With all this, the buyer can always find the desired product on the site by sorting the items by brand or price. On the pages with the goods sold there are: a detailed description, rating based on reviews, an image gallery, a choice of color and size of clothes. The buyer is free at any time to change the interface language and currency in which the calculation is conducted. There is a convenient shopping cart and a flexible payment system in many ways. There is also a feedback form, a map and a subscription to an electronic box. Well, news about promotions and discounts held in the store, it will be easier to post to the blog.

For those who have not yet decided what should be his website, you should pay attention to other templates VinaGecko. Each of them has a special distinctive feature, a unique appearance, and all without exception are easily customized. They will be the perfect solution for any of your ideas.

38. ThemeForest Mj Cart - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ThemeForest Mj Cart virtuemart

Many still do not realize how profitable it is to have their own resource in the network. This is especially true for business. The Internet plays the role of advertising, which means it helps the development of the brand and has a positive effect on the work as a whole. On the pros, you can talk endlessly, one thing is clear, the site is a necessary thing. If you understand this, you probably set out to create it without unnecessary problems, and the Mj Cart template will help you with this.

It is intended primarily for creating an online store, since it has all the necessary functionality for this. In this case, it does not matter what kind of goods will be sold. ThemeForest Mj Cart is perfect for sale: furniture, electronics, home appliances, accessories, clothing, food, etc.

In order for customers to concentrate on information that is important to them, the design was created in bright colors with a clear interface for all. However, you can edit the appearance of the site and give it your own style. In this case, in the Joomla template there are detailed settings in the control panel. You can choose: the location of the sidebar, the colors of the main elements, the logo, the font and much more. Well thought out here navigation, there are three different menus, one of which is reserved for the catalog of goods. The following modules are offered to form the start page: banners, fresh tweets, slide shows, partners, the latest and popular products, etc. The Mj Cart template allows visitors to decide in which currency to calculate, before making a purchase. Separately, it is worth mentioning the possibility of creating a fully working forum, and there is also an image gallery here.

ThemeForest templates are a great choice for those who are looking for a great tool for networking. Good design, interesting modules and a thought-out system of settings, that's what awaits you after installation.

39. OrdaSoft Shopper - Joomla Template

It is believed that the most difficult to create a site for e-commerce. In this case, in addition to appearance, it is necessary to take into account much more functions. As a rule, they are all responsible for a quick purchase. But why create such a resource yourself when you can find a ready-made solution? Template Shopper enough to install and configure, the rest is already provided for you. It will only concentrate on developing your own business.

This topic was intended for online trading. This is a perfect template for creating a full-fledged online store. Its uniqueness lies in the attractive exterior style that bright and active people will certainly appreciate. At OrdaSoft Shopper you can sell fashionable clothes, cosmetics, perfumes. Suitable for other types of goods.

It has an easily customizable design. Change the colors and the background is not difficult. Optionally, you can change the location of the modules. But really interesting, made the shopping system: a simple and convenient shopping cart, navigation and sorting by category, search, detailed product description, reviews, image gallery, choice of color and size of things and that's not all. The main menu looks great, instead of section names you can put icons. Joomla template has a stylish slide show, it will serve as an animated banner. There is here and a place under the description of the store, location map and feedback form. At the same time, the control panel, with its advanced interface, is quickly mastered.

Other OrdaSoft templates also contain many interesting elements. And after looking closely at them, you no longer want to look for other projects on the network.

40. ZooTemplate Construction - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ZooTemplate Construction virtuemart

Template ZT Construction is developed by a team of professionals from the studio ZooTemplate. A blog, an online store section is built into the site layout. The template is perfect for use by international sites, because there are two languages built in here: British and Arabic. The administrator can make changes to the language bar. The template is executed in pleasant tones of yellow and gray.

Site layout is designed for the construction company. With the help of such a web resource, the developer will be able to provide a catalog of finished products, built houses, to familiarize potential buyers with the prices of the services provided. Template ZT Construction is built as a price list, where it is possible to order the necessary services or buy goods.

At the beginning of the template is set a stylish slider, in which themed photos are switched. The horizontal menu provides the opportunity to visit a blog, a web resource store, find the necessary information, product using the search. The above Joomla template is designed using original animation. When the user goes to the site, each section opens, as if merged into the page.

Photos are inherent in the animation in the form of an increase in the photo with a change in its angle. The template has a section of popular projects, where visitors can get acquainted with the housing, office houses, developed by the company. After the slider, a vertical arrow appears on the right side, which moves the user to the top of the page. The working area contains information about the owners and employees of the company.

All ZooTemplate templates are designed so that any user can find the necessary information, photos of the finished product, the services provided. The layout of the site contains a form of appeal to the administration or the owners of the company. Here everyone can leave a comment about the activities of the company, ask an interesting question.

41. OmegaTheme Bamboo - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ZooTemplate Construction virtuemart

I am pleased to present to your attention a great new OT Bamboo Cycle template. The design is designed in a minimalist style, which immediately directs attention to the basic information and does not allow the visitor to be distracted. The colors are chosen neutral, warm, soft and pleasant. This combination calms your potential visitor, which is very important. Go ahead.

The OT Bamboo Cycle template has a simple flexible design that will be very convenient for creating an online bicycle store. But not necessarily. You can choose something at your discretion. The system allows you to change and customize it. A template consisting of 3 different home pages focuses attention on the product presentation.

Perhaps this template will be the best choice in order to focus the visitor's attention on your products. The Joomla template is an excellent choice for any website related to cycling. Suitable for a bicycle club, a bike service center or a bike accessory store. The template has all the features that are needed by the online bike store: a slider that highlights products or promotions, two-column product categories, allowing you to offer users to evaluate a product visually. It also integrates a Google map showing your location and a blog section with a product presentation or news update for your customer.

OmegaTheme templates will be an excellent choice for creating online online shops of varying degrees of complexity and will appeal to both novices and experienced users. Fully meet modern trends and thanks to a simple code are easily customized for every taste. Download, enjoy, and you will not regret!

42. JoomlArt Cagox - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlArt Cagox virtuemart

JA Cagox is a very bright, effective template for an online store of women's and men's clothing, shoes and accessories. Not all sites are informational. With some, something must be sold. This is exactly the JA Cagox template: it has the design of an online store and supports the possibility of payment by bank cards. The site based on this template is a fashionable online boutique: it is intended for sale not simple, but rather expensive products: expensive clothes, shoes and accessories.

Fashionable men's suits, women's dresses, handbags and accessories - the thing is very popular. let them sell less often - but for very good money. Template JA Cagox helps you create a spectacular website for their sale. A site with chic: just to match things. The template is designed to sell the following things:

Hats - Stylish men's and women's hats.

Pants and jeans - Women's pants and jeans: stretch, scuffed, torn, laid-back and others. Men's trousers and jeans: leather.

Cotton clothes.

Gifts and accessories - Glasses, necklaces, bracelets and others.

Women's bags.

Shoes - Women's and men's shoes, summer shoes.

This template is interesting because it ... do not change. There is no opportunity for the user not only to change the design, but even just to include some effective module - there are simply no such (everything is already included). But this Joomla template, firstly, is a real work of art (as the name of the studio says). And secondly - it is functional. Supports autopayment. We distinguish such advantages. Very spectacular design. Big beautiful hat, big beautiful blocks, big beautiful icons of goods. Completely ready template: you do not need to connect and configure anything. Just take and use: fill the store with goods.

Support payment by bank card.

This template, like all JoomlaArt templates, is a work of art. He takes first of all the cool design. Stylish clothes and accessories do not sell in the doorways. And your site should not be like it either.

43. HotThemes Shoes - Joomla Template

Joomla Template HotThemes Shoes virtuemart

For those who do not know how best to arrange your online shoe shop there is an excellent solution - Hot Shoes template. This is a template in which the buyer will not be bored, because it has more pictures than text. All that remains for the webmaster to do is to place good photos of shoes in the categories: men's, women's and for children; and leave contact information.

Shoes is an attractive and functional template from HotThemes Studio, ideal for organizing online trading with a wide variety of consumer goods, from clothes and shoes to accessories and souvenirs.

The unobtrusively stylish design, made in a beige-black version, attracts you without distracting attention from the main information about the goods presented in the form of colorful photos and bright price tags, the possibility of replenishing the buyer's shopping cart and tracking the number of goods in it, and other necessary functions and information for the visitor. The site owner can choose the background of the slider and price tags located in the center of the page from the combination of lilac with light blue, pale pink with light green, gray-blue with peach and even outrageous lemon with orange, each of which looks equally well. The slider can also be “scrolled manually” by clicking the arrows on either side of it, another key advantage is that the visitor can share information about any product they like on social networks using the built-in slider buttons.

Above the slider are the menu, search and check-in (sign-in) clients, below are the most attractive categories of products and photos for visitors. Joomla template also allows you to post terms of delivery, customer reviews and information from social networks, which is important, because customers often share their impressions not only on the store's website.

In general, the Hot Shoes template is a fairly variable, user-friendly software product, on the basis of which you can build a successful online store.

44. HotThemes Drug Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template ZooTemplate Construction virtuemart

The quality of the products presented on the site, first of all, is indicated by the quality of the site, especially when it comes to medicines. How professional and user-friendly it is to navigate depends on the choice of the client. Template Drug Store today is the best model for e-commerce for this type of product. Easy navigation and colorful catalog will allow site visitors to select and order the necessary preparations within a few minutes.

Drug Store is a rather attractive template from the studio HotThemes, which represents this template specifically for CMS Joomla. The presented template has a destination for the online pharmacy store, where you are presented with the opportunity to place medical products. The whole design of this template will be quite simple, without unnecessary unnecessary things. There are several color schemes that you can install on your site.

The next color scheme is Style 2, which stores in itself the pale turquoise tones of the site, creating a beautiful and pleasant overall picture of the site, which is located on a light background.

The third style will be Style 3, with bright orange color shades that create a wonderful overall look. The background is a white solid fill.

The following is Style 4, which contains light green and pale orange tones. The main background is a light shading.

The fifth color scheme - Style 5, made in dark purple color shades, where the background will be a light fill.

45. RocketTheme Syndicate - Joomla Template

Joomla Template RocketTheme Syndicate virtuemart

Chic template Syndicate is designed to create different sites. It will be especially good as a “dress” for a news portal or corporate resource. In order to become familiar with all the elements of the main menu, the user will have to surf the site, moving from the main page to those that are interested. The complex architecture of the main page gives the resource solidity. The main banner, in addition to the image, may include a text announcement of the article. At the top right there is a well-developed site search form. An interesting detail is the "running" news line. The template provides for the placement of ad units.

The Syndicate template is quite an interesting Joomla template that should interest you.

At the top of the page is the site logo with a section panel. The section bar can include subsections in the form of drop-down lists. Below are the materials that were published on the site. On the right side of the page there is a form for searching materials on the site. There is also a tabbed panel for materials that were published on the site. Each tab contains only a certain type of materials. On the page there is a panel, which is also called a news feed. This news feed contains headlines and links to materials that have been added to the site. More precisely, on the most interesting of these materials. Below is a panel with a weather forecast and a currency rate chart. The materials themselves, which were published on the site, are in the middle of the page. At the bottom of the site is information about copyright and a collection of links to the most popular blog materials.

The template has the ability to choose the design at its discretion. For this purpose, there are as many as eight styles, which you can choose at the top of the screen. With the help of styles, you can completely change the external perception of your blog. For example, you can make the background and most of the elements blue and add shades of blue. Or red. There are plenty of colors and shades here, because there are eight styles. So, this template Studio RocketTheme is perfect for many blogs and websites, thanks to the abundance of design styles and minimalist design.

46. SmartAddons ShoppyStore - Joomla Template

Joomla Template SmartAddons ShoppyStore virtuemart

Template SJ ShoppyStore will help you create a recognizable website with modern solutions in web design and functionality, smooth menus and good adaptation to all devices and browsers. And to customize it to your taste, investing in the creation of all your ideas, will help the intuitive site designer. No special knowledge is required to use it.

If you want to create a website for your online store - this will be the perfect option. Convenient settings admin panel allows you to adapt the portal for different subjects of shops: from the sale of electronics and to clothing. The success of such a business on the Internet depends on how you present it and what kind of person (in this case, the site) your store will have. Template SmartAddons ShoppyStore will solve these problems. All you have to do is to customize all of its capabilities to your ideas.

The possibilities for choosing the design that the Joomla template provides are broad: five basic color options for the arrangement of the site and three ready-made layouts of the main page. Large selection of font style. Integration into the social networking portal system for even more user activity. Modules and extensions with which the operation of an online store will be complete and will not cause unnecessary questions. The ideal image system will help to express all the best features of your product. Convenient news feed, with its help, users will always know about new promotions and the latest news.

Using SmartAddons templates, you will emphasize the solidity of your brand. They will help create a positive online image. A modern, up-to-date and easy-to-use website is what you get using this template!

47. JoomlArt Elicyon - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlArt Elicyon virtuemart

Today, in order to present your product, you need a quality website. If you are a manufacturer of furniture of any format, or the range of your skills includes the design of premises or interior items, then the JoomlArt template - JA Elicyon will be the ideal solution for thematic embodiment of your website.

Any furniture online store will be quite attractive to the eye of the buyer, if the JoomlArt Elicyon template is installed on its website. Such a solution for the site shell, like this template, will look good on the website of any company engaged in decoration. The appearance of the template clearly makes it clear what site you are visiting.

The developers of this creation are not cheated Joomla template with a unique external design and rich functionality. The upper horizontal menu scrolls down with the page, while decreasing by a few percent of the original size. Sub items are drop-down, no animation. On the main page there is a massive slider, with simple animation, so as not to distract the client's eye from the available for the purchase of goods or options for design solutions for the house. The block with the advantages of the company is quite large, which will help to vividly express what you compare favorably with other similar companies. All photo reports about the work performed can be shown immediately on the main page, which is made in the form of landing pages, in order to provide the user with the most relevant information about the company. Contact information is available at the bottom of the main page, just above the duplicate menu, which more fully reveals the site hierarchy.

Usually JoomlArt templates look very decent on thematic sites. This template is proof of that. Install it on your website and wait for the influx of orders. The traffic of your resource will jump up, and conversion rates will break all records of improvement.

48. SmartAddons Petta - Joomla Template

Joomla Template SmartAddons Petta virtuemart

Template SmartAddons Petta has a perfectly executed stylized design that is responsive and has a smooth animation. Functional and individual design elements have a flexible format of settings, with which you can embody all your ideas. A dozen of advanced, unique modules are included in the package. With them your site will look even more modern and solid. The template creates all the conditions for successful promotion on the Internet!

This template has a narrow specialty, which makes it as effective as possible in its field. It is ideal for any site that works in the care of pets. SJ Petta has all the necessary elements and functions. High-quality appearance, combined with advanced features, will make using the site not only convenient and simple, but also help to more advantageously present your services and products on the Internet. Since your website is your business card on the Internet, the developers made it as bright, beautiful and convenient as possible.

At your disposal 4 design styles and 5 options when choosing colors. Qualitatively executed menu with smooth animation. The main page meets the user with a colorful slide show, which has links to various pages of the site. Also on the main page you can familiarize users with information about you, about your services and products.Joomla template has a unique search form on the site. In addition to the slide show, the top of the site will show your logo and slogan. Built-in online store will allow sales directly from your site! One of the most successful tools for promoting a website may be the ability to run your own blog. This will not only ensure the flow of new visitors and increase statistics, but a quality blog will also increase the level of trust in you!

Similar SmartAddons templates are designed to achieve maximum effect on attracting users. You will immediately feel the benefits of using this advanced emplate for your site!

49. HotThemes Cosmetics - Joomla Template

Joomla Template HotThemes Cosmetics virtuemart

For the website of the online cosmetics store, Hot Cosmetics is the best solution. The main feature of the template is a slide show of the most popular products on the main page of the site. For the convenience of buyers, the template provides space for advertising, special discounts, promotions and offers. The width of the entire pattern, as well as the left and right columns, is easily changed.

Attractive Cosmetics template developers which is the studio HotThemes, has developed this template for the engine Joomla. This template is designed for such topics as cosmetics, where you have the opportunity to place various kinds of cosmetics goods, write articles and much more. The style of the presented template includes four basic color schemes.

The first and standard style is considered to be Style 1, which represents dark red color shades that look good against a dark background. This style is very nice and pleasant, perfect for the presented theme of the template.

Style 2 - the second theme of the presented template, containing purple dark color shades, giving the site a glamorous look. The site background is dark in the form of a black fill. This topic is very nice and attractive, just suitable for your site.

The third color scheme is Style 3, the color shades of which are blue. Looks even more cute on a dark background of the site.

The fourth style is Style 4, the tones of which will be white and orange, perfectly combined with each other and giving the site a stunning look. The site's background is implemented in black solid fill.

50. OrdaSoft Clothing Store - Joomla Template

Joomla Template OrdaSoft Clothing Store virtuemart

Many people believe that the largest resources in the network are managed by a large number of people responsible for certain parts of the site. However, this is not the case and often only one person sits behind the screen. But to make this possible, you need flexible and convenient control. Template OS Clothing Store stands out against the background of many other works. It is pleasant to use it, and even a child can adjust and control it.

The set of nested options in the template is intended for e-commerce. A rich structure of navigation and search sharpened for the implementation of any product. OrdaSoft Clothing Store is not just a website, but an impressively sized online store. Every detail of it is attractive, and every function is intuitive.

Filters and search specifically paid attention. Goods can be laid out according to catalogs, create seasonal collections and sort as you please. Navigation is easy to use, a special filter in the side panel will help your customers to choose the product in detail according to certain criteria. For large purchases will come to the aid shopping cart with a clear interface. Thus, you can organize content on the site in the best way. There are many additional user pages, some of which offer to fill out a job application, while others talk about the store and offer a feedback form. The same Joomla template allows you to create a portfolio using an advanced gallery and blog. And this is not to mention the many settings in the control panel and impeccable appearance.

Focusing on the best, you will certainly come across OrdaSoft templates. Finding something like this online will be difficult.

51. JoomlArt Techzone - Joomla Template

Joomla Template JoomlArt Techzone virtuemart

Here is a stylish, colorful template JA Techzone. The site model consists of several parts, which are displayed as photoblocks. Designers performed the template in black, green, white colors that emphasize template of the site for the sale of electronics. All photo cells are high quality template that gives the design style and modernity.

The considered template JoomlArt Techzone is perfect for sites for the sale of electronics, resources, on which developments are presented, new models of products. The template can be used as a business card for the enterprise, as well as a full-featured, multi-functional site. Thanks to the coordinated work of each element of the template, the purchase of goods will bring only pleasure. The service does not require multiple navigation through the pages for the purchase, everything can be done in one click.

The top horizontal menu of the template is floating, that is always in sight, no matter how you scroll the page. Here you can find the tab on switching languages, which will help to attract more buyers from other countries. Based on this, we can conclude that this Joomla online store template is intended mainly for international purchases.

On the main page there is a huge slider that is switched manually. New electronics is published on the main page of the site, while you can find the product you are interested in in the appropriate section, or using the search. Registration is available on the site, thanks to which the user will be able to see the history of his purchases, leave a comment under the product.

Such JoomlArt templates are mainly developed for companies of international level. Each component of the template is made to order, or for the proposal of the company that provides services. You can be sure of the originality of your design.

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