Top Free Joomla Extensions for Christmas 2019

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Joomla News: Top Free Joomla Extensions for Christmas 2019

Jingle bells, jingle bells, Jingle all the way. Christmas is coming. Do you prepare to decorate your Joomla website for this Xmas? Lets go through Top 5 Free Joomla Extensions for Christmas 2019, you will find some interesting extensions for your website here.


Top Free Joomla Extensions for Christmas 2019

1. Sj Xmas - Free Responsive Joomla Extension

SJ Xmas free Joomla extension is an awesome module which you must have in this Noel. This Joomla extension displays falling snow along with beautiful Christmas images upon interesting effects. You can use this module to decorate your website to be more glistening and attractive. Especially, SJ Xmas supports to display a delighted popup that you can use to display the promotions, events or any message in Christmas days. You are able to customize what to display: images, text, popup size and position...

2. Sj Popup - Free Joomla Module

Sj Popup - A FREE Joomla extension, is an effective way to display an advertisement or a notification when clients visits your website as a popup window. Similar to free Sj Xmas module, Sj Popup can be use to welcome website visitors on this Noels. Sj Popup Joomla extension comes with an easy-to-use back-end that allows you totally configure all parameters to make your wanted popup. Moreover, the module provides lots of awesome features to create a professional popup.

3. SJ Topbar - Free Joomla Extension

Sj Topbar free Joomla extension can be used to show Christmas welcome message or any announcement and promotion information. This Joomla module is very simple but effective to catch the attention of people each time they visit your website. It can be placed on top or at the bottom of webpage based on your settings. With responsive layout, it fits with every screen size of device. In addition, Button with link to detailed post and Countdown information are also integrated to make this Joomla topbar module looks more professional.

4. Sj Social Locker - Free Share to Unlock Joomla Plugin

Sj Social Locker free Joomla plugin is perfect for boosting your websites, promotions, campaign, freebies... that effectively helps increase your websites traffic by inspiriting users to share your content to their social channels. This free share to unlock Joomla plugin allows you to lock a part of content: coupon, link, text... until users share your content to their social network or they like, follow your social channels. This plugin supports most popular social channels. You can use this free Joomla extension to run a magic freebie or gift on your website.

5. Sj Weather - Free Joomla Extension

With the idea of showing the weather on Christmas and new year days, Sj Weather should be a good choice. The free Joomla extension Sj Weather is a powerful weather module for Joomla 3.x using OpenWeatherMap API. It allows you to briefly display weather in particular area. You can use Sj Weather at the top of your website to make it more informative and attractive. All you need is to insert your location, the module will do the rest for you. The weather will be simply present in a line with time, weather icon and temperature in Celsius. The Joomla extension comes with a detail instruction. It is really easy to use for everyone without coding knowledge required.

These Joomla extensions can be installed on any site and they are very impossible for any site to take your website visitors the best experience. In addition, you can find more premium Joomla extensions which are specified for your website purposes.

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