B2J Manook

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Joomla Template: B2J Manook
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B2J Manook is an all-in-one Joomla charity template to showcase news, video & photo galleries and more.

This minimalistic, yet functional theme is a perfect solution for websites for charities and non-profit organizations. This is the one of the most popular Joomla templates created by B2J team.


B2J Manook has the following pages and construction:



-About Us


Our Mission

We /Staff, Administration/

Our Supporters/ Sponsors, Partners/


-Our Work


Projects /In Process, Finished/


Theatre Videos









- Press


-404 Error Page





-cross browser compatibility

-fully responsive

-retina ready

-T3 Framework

-supports K2


- great UX


The functionality of B2J Manook is extended with:


- B2J Alfheim Image Gallery PRO

- B2J Calendar for K2

- B2J Social Sharer Plugin

- B2J Contact Component

It has Photo and Video Galleries and Simple Image Gallery Pro which will display your memories from charity events with nice effects. 

B2J Manook also contains Library which allows you to list your favourite books and a great option to download and share the knowledge.


One of the most initial functions a charity/non-profit will need is having an option to contribute. Thus, we have included "Donations" option where everyone can donate and have their input in a great cause!

B2J Manook template has got all the necessary pages and options a any website will ever need. Try this one of the best Joomla templates out today!

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