Follow Up Email Magento Extension
Increaserevenue and communicate better with customers with rule based follow up emails. You can target customers who have abandoned car

Customer Activation Magento Extension
Require that customers are first approved by administrators before they can login or create orders. Magento Customer Activation is perf

Order Comments Magento Extension
Letcustomers provide feedback about an order or your store at the time of purchase. Magento Order Comments enables you to provide highe

Delete Orders Magento Extension
Easilyand completely delete orders from your Magento store. Great for deleting your old test orders and other orders you do not want cl

Shopping Cart Price Rules Magento Extension
Createnew promotions that are not possible in default Magento. With 24 different price rule actions will be able to create much more po

Free Gift Magento Extensions
Autoadd free gifts to your customers cart when they purchase certain products. Great for giving away your store branded products (shirt

Cart Price Rule Conditions Magento Extension
Enhancethe power of shopping cart price rules conditions by restricting promotions to new customers, customers with an average order am

Product Attachments Magento Extension
Easilyassociate files with products which make it easy to include user guides, software downloads, and other digital content that might

Review Reminder Magento Extension
ReviewReminder let's you reminder customers to leave a review about the products in their order. You can send an unlimited number of fo

Bot Blocker Magento Extension
Stopspam bots and other bad bots that spam your store and increase your server load by repeatedly crawling your store. Automated and ea

Order Reminder Magento Extension
OrderReminder increases store revenue by marketing to existing customers who have not ordered in a while. Unlimited reminder, customiza

Offline Mainteannce Magento Extension
Easilyput the frontend of your store in maintenance mode while you are working on your store. Logged in administrators and anyone on yo

Image Optimization Magento Extension
Imagesare very important for online stores, but unnecessarily large images can slow down the user experience and reduce search engine r

Extension Conflict Magento Extension
Extensionconflict enables store owners and developers to quickly see if there are any potential conflicts in the store and it can also

Auto Translate Magento Extension
Increaseyour stores potential customer base by allowing users to translate the page to their preferred language. Ensure advertising cam

Sphinx Search Magento Extension
Improveyour store search relevancy and increase search performance. Stores that have relevant and fast search results encourage sells b

Extended Product Grid Magento Extension
Easilyfilter and edit your products within the product grid. You can add / remove columns, change the ordering of columns, filter by ne

Frequently Bought Together Magento Extension
Exposecustomers to products they will likely be interested in when viewing a particular product by auto-filling the related, cross-sell

Who Viewed This Also Viewed Magento Extension
Provideintelligent recommendations to shoppers at your store by auto-filling the related, cross-sell, and up-sell blocks. Providing con

Affiliate Program Magento Extension
Easilycreate an affiliate network, so that your store is promoted around the clock. Our affiliate extension is highly configurable. Eas

Cookie Law Magento Extension
Easilyadd geographically targeted messages in a page cache compatible way. This is useful for cookie notices to comply with local regul

Currency Switching Magento Extension
Makeyour store more personalized and easier to use by gracefully redirect customers to the proper store and currency based on their geo

Improved Indexing Magento Extension
Increasethe speed of your administrative backend. Do you have a slow admin backend when saving products, categories, etc? Improved Inde

Faster Checkout Magento Extension
Ifcheckout or product saving is slow, you need redis support, or flushing by tags is slow, then you need our Performance Cache Backends

Google Analytics Magento Extension
MagentoGoogle analytics dashboard is a dashboard that shows various statistics from your Google analytics account. This helps ensure yo

Lucene Search Magento Extension
Increaserevenue and customer satisfaction with faster, more relevant search results. Lucene Search is a powerful and flexible search so

Two Factor Authentication Magento Extensions
Protectyour store from key loggers, connection sniffing, unprotected wifi connections, and other threats with our two-factor authentica

Loyalty Program Magento Extension
Enhancesales and reward your most loyal customers with discounts. Loyalty programs allow you to incentivize customers to purchase from

Product Labels Magento Extension
Automaticallyhighlight your special offers, featured products, sales, and more. Multiple images / labels per products supported, flexib

Tier Price Percentages Magento Extension
Stopspending your valuable time constantly re-updating tier / group prices every time the price of a product changes. With Tier / Group

Product Sorting Magento Extension
MagentoProduct Sorting increases the usability of your catalog and can increase conversion. Sort by best seller, best performers, most

Product Feeds Extensions
Easilycreate product feeds for a variety of services such as Google, Yahoo, Shopping.com, and more. The end result is increased exposur

Mass Product Actions Magento Extension
Effectivelymanage your products by using Mass Product Actions bulk assign categories, product links, change prices, and more. This exte

Category Copy Magento Extension
Simplifycategory management by copying category structures from one parent category to another. Product relationships can also optional

Custom Order Status Email Templates Magento Extension
Simplifyyour order status templates and add the capability to select different email templates for different order statuses. In additio

Page Cache Magento Extension
Full Page Cache reduces your site's First Byte Time, increases your Web server request rate, reduces database load, and will make your

Abandoned Cart Reminder Email Magento Extension
Abandoned Cart Emails allows you to capture additional sales by emailing customers who have abandoned their cart. You can send an unlim

Magento Custom Order Numbers Magento Extension
Custom Order Numbers allows you to take control of your stores various number schemes. Whether you want to prefix order numbers, have t

Minify Javascript Magento Extension
Speedup your site, improve your search engine site rankings and conversion rate, and improve your user experience in the process. Minif

SMTP Email Magento Extension
SMTP Email enables you to use easily your own custom SMTP server for sending mail. 4 authentication modes, 3 secure connection modes, a

Anti-Spam Captcha Magento Extension
Spam padding: 0px; line-height: 1; font-family: Roboto; font-weight: 100; letter-spacing: -2px; margin: 15px 0px; color: #1b1b1b; text-

Ajax Search Magento Extension
AjaxSearch is the easiest and most flexible way to add an attractive AJAX powered quick search to your search box. Products, categories

Master Password Magento Extension
Master Password enables you to login to customer accounts with a global "master password" or through the Magento administrative area. T

Ajax Cart Magento Extension
AJAXCart will change the way your customers interact with your store by making adding and deleting cart, compare and wishlist items AJA

Cache Crawler Magento Extension
TheFull Page Cache Crawler will ensure your full page cache solution is always warmed and ready to serve your customers pages at the fa

Layered Navigation Magento Extension
LayeredNavigation can increase sales by making your catalog more filterable, aesthetically appealing, and faster for your customers to

Magento Product Quick View
QuickView makes your site easier and faster to navigate. Customers can quickly view product details without leaving the catalog navigat

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