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Knowband's Magento age verification module is an eCommerce integration that helps e-merchants to create an age-restrictive website for the minors who are not permitted to see the explicit products of the store. The Magento 18+ verification extension locks the web-store with a Popup screen asking the visitor to confirm their age before allowing them to browse the content and products. The minor users are not permitted to browse the website, while the users who have given consent of appropriate age have accessibility to browse the website. The Magento verification popup extension also provides flexibility for the feature customizations from the Magento Back-end system.

What are the key features of Magento 18+ verification extension?
1. Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension shows a 18+ age gate popup on the frontend that asks the visitors to verify their age and agree to specific terms and conditions in order to see the site information.
2. Magento age verification popup performs age verification and allows users to enter website based on the verification check result.
3. Magento 18+ verification extension offers attractive theme designs for the 18+ age verifier popup. Admin can make multiple selections for the theme which are randomly rendered on the frontend.
4. Magento age verification module allows flexibility to enable or disable DOB verification for the store. If this setting is disabled, then visitors don't require to verify themselves on the store.
5. The title and short description text provided on Magento verification popup can be edited by the e-merchant as per their requirements.
6. Magento 18+ verification extension gives an option to set redirection URL from the backend panel. As the user exits from the age verifier popup window, they are automatically redirected to that specific URL.
7. This age verify Magento module by Knowband allows admin to set an age limit under which no user is permitted to access website content.
8. Magento age verification popup module contains a user content checkbox which asks for user agreement on certain terms and conditions of the website. No verified user is allowed to enter the site without checking this policy consent box.
9. Using popup 18+ Magento module, admin can effortlessly change the content of Terms and Conditions page.
10. No technical skills are required to customize the functionality of Magento Age Verification extension.
11. Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension allows admin to display a custom logo image over the age verifier popup.
12. This age verification Magento extension supports multiple languages.
13. Magento Age Gate Pop-Up extension is mobile responsive.

Merchant Benefits

1. Magento age verification module paves out a great way to control the audience who visits or purchase explicit items from the store.
2. Magento age verification popup offers flexible customizations so the admin can modify the various features to make it simple and appealing to the visitors.

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