Best of Joomla Christmas Templates

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Joomla News: Best of Joomla Christmas Templates

Merry Christmas! In the new year I wish you a pleasant experience in all areas of life! And this holiday season I have prepared for you a collection of the best templates dedicated to Christmas!

1. OT Xmas

This Joomla template is very stylish and beautiful. It is specially designed for Christmas gifts store. Great colors combination of colors. It is 100% tableless CSS,with changeable width of template and column layouts. This is a great Joomla template if you're looking for any nature of ecommerce stores which is mainly suites for Any Accessories, Fashion, Electronics, Gadgets etc., All sub pages are customized . It is very beautiful with its clean and professional look.

OT Xmas

2. Christmas Spirit template

Christmas, the second-greatest Christian feast day after Easter Sunday, which celebrates the birth of Jesus, is associated with Christmas trees, Christmas balls, lights, garlands, church celebrations, nativity scene depictions, an exchange of greeting cards, and, of course, the legendary white-bearded gift-giver Santa Claus. This Joomla template will help you to recreate the jovial, merry-making holiday mood surrounding Christmas every year on your Joomla website.

Christmas Spirit template

3. Christmas Joomla Template #22162

It is extremely nice Joomla Christmas template that has a lot of nice features like: Adobe Photoshop CS +, Adobe Dreamweaver 8 + (or any php-editor), WinZip 9 + (Windows), Stuffit Expander 10 + (Mac). compatible with Joomla! 1.5.x.

Christmas Joomla Template #22162

4. SJ Merry Christmas

This Joomla Christmas template is used both of K2 and VirtueMart component, support for many types of menu: Moo Menu, CSS Menu and Mega Menuso and many extensions: SJ K2 Scroller, SJ VirtueMart Extra Slider, SJ VirtueMart. It is indispensable, if you go to create a gift shop where all customers can be divided articles and so on. And don't forget that it SJ Merry Christmas supported News Letter, Facebook, Twitter… for visitors when they access your website.

SJ Merry Christmas

5. Christmas Joomla Template #22014

And in the end, I want to show you a Joomla Christmas template that I personally enjoy. He has a gorgeous, unique design and is an unforgettable holiday experiences. Enjoy!

Christmas Joomla Template #22014

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