Magento 2 Call for Price Extension By FME
Magento 2 Call for Price extension allows you to create rules for concealing product prices for specific store views and customer group

Magento 2 Canonical URLs Extension | FME
This Magento 2 Canonical URLs extension sets you from in implementing canonical tags to pages one by one.Using magento canonical tags y

Magento 2 Coming Soon / Maintenance Mode Extension | FME
Magento 2 Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode extension by FME allows you to add pleasant and customizable coming soon and maintenance mod

Magento 2 Customer Fields Extension
  FME Extensions is up with the Magento 2 customer fields extension which adds custom fields to the registration form. These custom

Magento 2 Partial Payment | Layaway
Magento 2 Partial Payment extension by FME allows you to sell products in a customizable installment plan. You can create layaway plans

Magento 2 Responsive E-Mail Template Extension By FME
With magento transactional emails, you can empower the existing email templates with mobile-responsive design to ensure better readabil

Magento 2 Size Chart Extension By FME
Magento 2 Size Chart Extension empowers you to add and remove customizable product size chats. You can unlimited charts as per product

Magento 2 Blog Module | FMEextensions
Magento 2 blog module by FME allows the store owners to integrate a responsive and SEO-friendly blog to their online stores. Publish pr

Magento 2 Product Image Zoom Extension | FME
Magento 2 product image zoom extension by FME enables you to add product image zoom feature your eCommerce store. Visitors can not only

Magento 2 Product Question
Magento2 Product Question   Magento 2 Product Question is an extension by FME that allows you to add a detailed Product Questions s

Magento 2 Request for Quote Extension by FME
 allows you to add a Request for Quote form to your website so that clients can easily request a quote. Once the quote is submitted, a

Free Magento 2 Banner Slider Extension by FME
Magento 2 Banner Slider is a free extension by FME which allows you display banner slider on any webpage in order to highlight the best

Magento website development
FMEExtensions offers Magento website development services, which helps you to remove website errors, store migration or third party int

Magento Customer Attributes Extension by FME
FME Customer Registration Attributes is a powerful Magento extension to get the necessary data directly from your customers in an easy

FME Product Videos Magento 2 Extension
FME Product Videos Magento 2 Extension enables you to display videos on product pages in a separate tab. Add video descriptions and dis

Category Banners Extension for Magento 2 | FMEextensions
Magento 2 Category Banner extension by FME enables you to promote your product add content, select from multiple transition effects, et

FME Photo Gallery | Magento Image Gallery Extension
FME Photo Gallery is a Magento extension which can turn product images into a grid-style image gallery with cool lightbox slideshow. Th

Magento GeoIP Store Redirect Extension by FME
FME GeoIP Default Store View is a Magento extension which automatically directs the visitors to specified Magento store based on their

Magento 2 GeoIP Store Switcher Extension by FME
Magento 2 GeoIP store switcher extension by FME automatically redirects the customers to the regional store based on their current loca

Magento 2 GeoIP Currency Switcher Extension by FME
FME GeoIP Language Currency extension for Magento detects the visitors’ current location and automatically switches the language & cu

Magento 2 GeoIP Ultimate Lock Extension by FME
The GEO IP Ultimate Lock Magento 2 extension empowers your store to restrict users from a specific country or region. It allows you to

FAQs Extension for Magento 2 | FMEextensions
FAQs extension for Magento 2 by FME adds a full-fledged FAQs section to your online store. This extension adds a separate FAQs landing

CSV Based Pricing Extension for Magento 2 | FMEextensions
Magento 2 CSV Based Pricing extension by FME allows your customers to calculate the area based price of variable size products. Custome

Magento 2 Restrict Customer Groups Extension by FME
Magento 2 Customer Groups Catalog extension by FME allows you to block access to products, categories, static blocks, and CMS pages. Cr

FME Media Gallery | Magento Video Gallery Extension
FME Media Gallery is full-featured multimedia extension for Magento which enables you to create photo albums and video galleries in you

Magento Upload PDF | Product Attachments Extension by FME
Magento upload PDF extension by FME allows you to create a separate file upload page in your e-store. Admin can upload multiple types o

Media Gallery and Product Video extension for Magento 2
Media Gallery and Product Video extension for Magento 2 is quite helpful for those merchants who are afraid of losing their customers.

Magento web developer
You can hire an experienced and qualified Magento web developer on the hourly basis to solve your website issues rather than appointing

Magento Dynamic Pricing Extension by FME
Magento Dynamic Pricing calculator extension by FME enables pricing based on length, width, height, area, line-height: 1.3em;">Calculat

FME Product Testimonials | Magento Reviews Extension
FME Product Testimonials is a feature rich Magento extension which enables the customers to easily submit their reviews about any produ

Magento Ajax Social Login Extension by FME
FME Ajax Social Login Magento extension makes the login procedure easier by integrating social login functionality to your website. Thi

Magento One Page Checkout Extension by FME
Magento One Page Checkout Extension by FME reduces the lengthy Magento default 6 steps checkout process to only single page. This one p

FME Magento Extensions
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Magento Google Maps | Store Finder Extension by FME
Magento Google Maps Store Locator extension by FME lets you display store locations with exact address to make it easy for your custome

FME Events Manager | Magento Events Calendar Extension
FME Events Manager is a powerful and well designed event management platform for Magento stores. By using this Magento Events Calendar

Magento Order Attributes Extension by FME
Add extra custom fields to checkout page of your Magento store by using FME Additional Checkout Attributes Magento extension. With the

Magento Abandoned Cart Email Extension by FME
 FME Abandoned Cart is a Magento extension which allows you to automatically send alerts to customers who abandon their cart. Magento

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